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Creative process

The most special jewel...

Atelier of Roosik & Co

Behind every jewel of Roosik & Co is a meticulous and careful process that makes the pieces reach their final beauty and quality step by step, with the timeless appeal of jewelry that is for life. Enter and discover the work of the jeweler in a 21st century jewelry workshop.

Design and selection of materials

Roosik & Co Jewelry has been designed by Jordi Rosich. His creativity is born from the inspiration he finds in his most immediate environment, in the delicacy of nature, in the personality of the people around him, in different artistic movements… And from this first idea Rosich draws a sketch, the essence of what he wants to express, a jewel that always carries the soul of the author. Later, in the workshop of Roosik & Co, equipped with state-of-the-art technology of the 21st century, he moved the sketch to 3D graphic design. It is from here that the molds will be created that will allow to give corporeality to the designs. 3D printing will make the jewel visible for the first time giving rise to the latest modifications.

All the diamonds, as well as the gold and gems of Roosik & Co, have been carefully selected by Jordi Rosich -qualified gemologist specializing in diamonds-. The "7 C" of Roosik & Co are always present:

Excellent in quality, ethical in origin and authentically natural.


Metal pit

With the final jewelry molds, the metal is cast. Gold melts at 1070 ℃ and platinum at 1900 ℃ to prevent the formation of pores, in ceramic plaster molds, very resistant to temperature. In Roosik & Co we work only with noble metals: gold and platinum.

Assembly of the parts and filing

When the different parts that make up a piece of jewelry are available, the assembly is done. Before, however, it is essential to polish each of the parts, as only at this time is it possible to access the entire surface. At the end of the assembly, the jeweler will weld, file and grind the piece.


Jewel polish is important because it will give you maximum glow and shine. The Roosik & Co workshop has state-of-the-art polishing machines with magnetic drums that provide optimal results. However, the craftsmanship of the jeweler is still necessary for the final finish.


The creation process comes to an end. Jordi Rosich is a specialist in diamond nailing and always pays special attention to the staples that hold the precious stones, they are worked in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort without detracting from the gem, thus offering optimal portability.

... your jewel.

Quality control

Creating a piece of jewelry is hard work. A jewel is just a small object, yes, but it has been created to symbolize the deepest feelings, and is often destined to last for generations. That’s why before selling them, all Roosik & Co jewelery undergoes a rigorous quality control that ensures the excellence and future satisfaction of its recipient.

Roosik & Co

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