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Pétite Loord Necklace · Green Amethyst

Collection Heptasik


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> Details

  • Handmade necklace
  • 18 ct yellow gold
  • Heptagon diameter: 4mm
  •  1 natural Green Amethyst:
    • Pear-cut
    • Total Weight: 0,64ct
    • Color: Light green
    • Purity: Clean

> Description


The beauty of geometry lies at the very heart of this piece with its pure design, in which Rosich has faithfully recreated the Heptagon outline. The pure line of the geometric figure work in 4mm diameter of gold, highlights the beauty of this Jewel of enchanting geometry thanks to its formal perfection. The small gemstone, a delicate green amethyst, gives the right and smooth touch of colour.  With a highly contemporary style, this jewel will beautifully complement today’s enterprising woman.

ref: PE18.H4.AV.OG

About metals and gems

Creativity and Savoir Faire

The designer jewelery from Roosik & Co is inspired by personal experiences that express the sensitivity and delicacy with which they were created. Jordi Rosich, gemologist, incruster and certified engraver, specialist in diamonds, signs the pieces of Roosik&Co, who designs and works by hand in his shop in Girona. The creations from Roosik&Co combine precious metals and gemstones in an evocative and nostalgic collection. They are elegant and beautiful jewelry while suggestive, jewelry to awaken the emotion of those who wear them.


The amethyst is a variety of quartz known for its characteristic violet colour which can be more or less dark. For example, Siberian grade amethysts have reddish hues and are the most highly prized variety. This gemstone was already being worked and used in jewellery in Ancient Egypt and is associated with power: it was one of the favourite gemstones of Russia's Catherine the Great and is often worn by bishops and cardinals. At Roosik&Co. it's used for modern collections, both in necklaces and also for earrings and bracelets.

Yellow Gold

Gold is very probably the most widely used metal in the history of jewellery making, although it's also used in electronics and industry as it's a metal that doesn't rust. Traditionally it's been used to mint coins and symbolically represents value and greatness. Present in ancient cultures, it's a soft metal that's easy to work because, in fact, it's the most adaptable and pliable metal known to man. Thanks to this metal's undeniable beauty and prestige, there are pieces made from yellow gold in all Roosik&Co. collections.

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