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Essence Classik Wedding Ring

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  • Handmade and handcrafted ring
  • 18 ct white gold
  • Finish: polish
  • Sizes: 2 mm x 1,85 mm

> Description


The ultimate in easy-to-wear but incredibly symbolic jewellery. Roosik&Co.’s Essence wedding band is designed with completely smooth edges to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. At the same time, Jordi Rosich, Roosik&Co.’s designer, has minimalised the piece’s composition, revealing the essence of the wedding band and thereby reinforcing the symbolism of a piece of jewellery that’s worn every day. The result: a discreet, low-key but absolutely iconic wedding band.


ref: AC17.18.2.OB

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About metals and gems

Creativity and Savoir Faire

The designer jewelery from Roosik & Co is inspired by personal experiences that express the sensitivity and delicacy with which they were created. Jordi Rosich, gemologist, incruster and certified engraver, specialist in diamonds, signs the pieces of Roosik&Co, who designs and works by hand in his shop in Girona. The creations from Roosik&Co combine precious metals and gemstones in an evocative and nostalgic collection. They are elegant and beautiful jewelry while suggestive, jewelry to awaken the emotion of those who wear them.

White Gold

White gold gets its colour from being an alloy of yellow gold and at least one white metal, such as silver, combined in a range of percentages; Roosik&Co. normally uses palladium to achieve a whiter result. White gold is widely used in jewellery as it's as easy to work with as yellow gold and combines very elegantly with all kinds of stones, especially with diamonds, the reason why Roosik&Co. uses it extensively for engagement and solitaire rings but also for necklaces and earrings, both in the Eternal and the Blossom collections.