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Teardrop Earrings · Rose


> Details

  • Handmade earrings
  • 18 ct yellow gold
  •  4 natural Rose Quartz:
    • Damero-cut
    • Total Weight: 28 ct
    • Color: Light pink
    • Purity: Clean
  • 30 natural Diamonds:
    • Brilliant cut
    • Total Weight: 0,60 ct
    • Color: E
    • Purity: VVS1

> Description


The harmonious combination achieved between the different materials in these earrings from the Blossom Teardrop series makes this piece truly memorable. The yellow gold setting forms the base for the stud and teardrop in rose quartz. A string of diamonds also combines with the piece: placed at the upper and lower end of the earrings, as well as at the join between the stud and the teardrop, they also add brilliance and refinement to a wonderful piece of jewellery. Thanks to the gentle, discreet colour of the rose quartz, these earrings are the perfect accessory for any kind of look where they’ll always be an undeniable focus of attention.



About metals and gems

Creativity and Savoir Faire

The designer jewelery from Roosik & Co is inspired by personal experiences that express the sensitivity and delicacy with which they were created. Jordi Rosich, gemologist, incruster and certified engraver, specialist in diamonds, signs the pieces of Roosik&Co, who designs and works by hand in his shop in Girona. The creations from Roosik&Co combine precious metals and gemstones in an evocative and nostalgic collection. They are elegant and beautiful jewelry while suggestive, jewelry to awaken the emotion of those who wear them.


The diamond is one of the most prized minerals in the world. Its name comes from the Greek δάμας (adámas) which means precisely "inalterable", one of the qualities that makes it so valuable as it's the hardest natural material known to man. It's very probably the precious stone with the greatest symbolic meaning: a piece of jewellery with diamonds becomes iconic and unique for the receiver. Jordi Rosich personally selects the diamonds for the solitaires and engagement rings in the Eternal collection by Roosik&Co., using diamonds of at least 0.25 carat that come from non-conflictive zones and are certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

Rose Quartz

The presence of titanium, iron or manganese results in the tones ranging from the palest pink to dark and even reddish pink that can be found in rose quartz, an abundant mineral on the earth's surface. The toughness of quartz makes it durable while its brilliance and transparency have made it a popular gemstone in jewellery since ancient times. Its pink tones add gentle, sweet connotations to any piece of jewellery. At Roosik&Co. rose quartz is used in some of the pieces from the Blossom collection.

Yellow Gold

Gold is very probably the most widely used metal in the history of jewellery making, although it's also used in electronics and industry as it's a metal that doesn't rust. Traditionally it's been used to mint coins and symbolically represents value and greatness. Present in ancient cultures, it's a soft metal that's easy to work because, in fact, it's the most adaptable and pliable metal known to man. Thanks to this metal's undeniable beauty and prestige, there are pieces made from yellow gold in all Roosik&Co. collections.