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E-Gift Card “& You”

Collection Eternal

 300 2.000

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> Details

  • Valid in Roosik & Co jewellery store in Girona and website
  • Valid in all Jewels and Collections
  • No expiration date
  • Contact us for a personalized budget: shop@roosik.com
  • Sent by e-mail (you can print it at home)

> Description

Are you looking for a special gift? Give her/him the chance to choose her/his favorite Roosik & Co piece of jewelry.


Returns and exchanges. You have 60 days from the day the Card was bought. You can return the E-Gift Card by writing us an e-mail to: shop@roosik.com and we will refund your money.
About metals and gems

Creativity and Savoir Faire

The designer jewelery from Roosik & Co is inspired by personal experiences that express the sensitivity and delicacy with which they were created. Jordi Rosich, gemologist, incruster and certified engraver, specialist in diamonds, signs the pieces of Roosik&Co, who designs and works by hand in his shop in Girona. The creations from Roosik&Co combine precious metals and gemstones in an evocative and nostalgic collection. They are elegant and beautiful jewelry while suggestive, jewelry to awaken the emotion of those who wear them.

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