Engagement Rings, art and inspiration of Vitruvik

Anell de compromís de disseny original minimalista amb diamants

Why is this engagement ring so personal and special? 

Castell de Peralada Restaurant

Pedir matrimonio en el Castell de Peralada Restaurant Girona

The most romantical proposal… Like a fairy tale!

Núria Valley for a compromise

Anell de brillants per a una proposta de matrimoni a la natura

An incredible and magic place in the nature to hear “Yes, I Will”.

A legendary day

Give her the brightest rose on Saint George’s Day.

The perfect couple

Aliances de casament i anells de compromis amb diamants i or joieria girona

Wedding bands that lasts… forever!

5 brilliant tips for a marriage proposal

We’d like to help you offer your engagement ring in an original way

Bedazzled by the vast number of designs?

A few tips to select the most appropriate ring.

Diamonds and brilliants: are the same?

What’s the different between a diamond and a brilliant?