The 6Cs of Roosik&Co

In jewellery, the so-called “4Cs” (cut, clarity, carat and colour) determine a diamond’s perfection. The quality of the cut and clarity, a diamond’s carat weight and its colour all make a diamond especially brilliant with outstanding luminosity. But at Roosik&Co. we’ve added another 2 features to the 4Cs, thanks to the triple excellence of all our diamonds and the guarantee provided by Jordi Rosich personally selecting all the stones we use. Because we love the jewellery we create as much as you do.

Whether a diamond’s cut is emerald, round brilliant, oval or princess: the symmetry, proportion and polish of its different faces ensure a diamond’s cut is excellent and reflects 99% of the light that shines on it.
If a diamond has no impurities when viewed under ten times magnification, it’s said to be flawless and nothing can alter its optical properties. That’s why Roosik&Co. always recommends diamonds from the VS2 category and above.
One carat equals 200 mg and is the unit used to measure the weight of a diamond. A diamond’s value is determined by the number of carats but it’s always better to choose a size that matches the personality of the person who’s going to wear it.
From colourless to yellow or brownish, there’s a wide range of diamond colours. At Roosik&Co. we only work with diamonds of maximum transparency (groups D, E, F), making our pieces of jewellery even more beautiful.
Roosik&Co.’s diamonds are always triple excellence: their symmetry, cut and polish are impeccable. Only then can the stone completely scatter the light that penetrates it, making the diamond sparkle and shine like a star.
Jordi Rosich, a jeweller, setter, gemmologist and designer, personally and carefully selects all the diamonds for Roosik&Co. jewellery. Moreover, Roosik&Co. only uses diamonds from conflict-free regions.