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Emerald is a member of the Beryl family, such as Aquamarine (blue), Morganite (pink), Heliodor (yellow) and Goshenite (colourness). Only green Beryl containing chromium is classed as emerald, because it is this impurity that gives the gem this beautiful color. Look carefully to it and enjoy… The most beautiful emeralds are like a wonderful garden. A perfect emerald can outrank a diamond in value! Emeralds are hard stones, 8/10 on Mohs Scale. The current sources of emerald are Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Australia, South Africa, India, Afganistan and Zambia. Recently, finds of gem quality have been made in Canada. Large emeralds are very rare, particularly those of good colour. One of the biggest found in the early 19th century in Colombia was the “Devonshire”, which weighed in at 1383,95 ct uncut.

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