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Citrine Mum

Mum, you are a citrine mother for me.

Because you evoke freshness and vivacity, like this precious gemstone.


From the French citron, which means lemon, citrine is a coloured gemstone from the quartz family and can take on a wide range of tones, from very pale yellow to colours such as orangey coffee and even some golden hues; as well as a variety of cuts. At Roosik&Co. it’s used particularly in the Blossom collection where its yellowish tones add a touch of freshness and vivacity to the jewellery. In ancient times it was associated with the planet Mercury and, in the Middle Ages, citrine was believed to act as a talisman against skin problems: today it’s a gemstone linked with success and prosperity.

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International Mother’s Day

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Are you a citrine, quartz, topaz or amethyst mum? 

Citrine Mum

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