The Ruby

Ruby is one of the most valuable and prized gems. It is a rare gemstone found in nature, of great hardness and an intense and silky red color, characteristics that make it very desirable.

Its name comes from the Latin "Ruber", which means "Red", and is associated with passionate and active people.
Do you think Ruby can be your gemstone?

"The vibrant, bright red of the rubies amazed me, which is why I introduced them into my collections. It makes me happy that everyone can wear a gem of this quality and beauty in their daily lives.”

It is also a gem that is associated with strength, wealth and passion. In ancient times, warriors wore rubies on their bodies for protection and vigor! And some people offered rubies to the gods to be reborn rich as emperors.

Ruby can acquire a fluorescent luster if it contains large amounts of chromium. Surely this is why some say that this gem keeps a flame inside.
It is the stone of the month of July and is believed to help achieve prosperity, both material -riches- and physical or romantic -vitality-. Can it be your special gem?

Jewelry care

It is a gem of great hardness, a 9 on the Mohs scale, and is very suitable for everyday use, as it resists shocks well. Despite the good resistance to chemicals as well, from Roosik & Co we recommend the use of warm water, soap and a soft brush (or a damp handkerchief) for cleaning.




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