The Emerald

The Emerald is a variety of beryl that is characterized by its intense green color, which evokes the image of a dense forest cradled by the wind. The color green is said to help alleviate visual aches, no doubt the emerald relaxes and fascinates at the same time.
Its name comes from the Greek "Smaragdos", which means "Green Gem", and is associated with calm and thoughtful people.
Do you think the Emerald can be your gemstone?

"Emeralds are the queens of green. I really appreciate going in to see the small inclusions they have inside, they form gardens of great beauty... they make it unique and exclusive."

The admiration felt for the emerald is well known already in Ancient Egypt, we have an example in Cleopatra and her court, where not only its beauty was emphasized but also a symbolic power was presumed.
But the powerful green color, as well as its brightness -product of the usual internal inclusions and its crystallization-, remain its main characteristics. It evokes nature better than any other gemstone.
It is the stone of the month of May, the month of spring rebirth, and is believed to help you see the truth, making the wearer smarter to make better decisions. Can it be your special gem?

Jewelry care

It is a gem that is considered of adequate hardness for everyday use (7.5 / 8 on the Moh's scale), although care must be taken to avoid high temperatures, aggressive chemicals or sudden changes. pressure (as you fly by plane). From Roosik & Co we recommend the use of warm water, soap and a soft brush for cleaning.




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