There is nothing better than building a good script to make the film of life have a happy ending, as in the case of Jordi and Irene.

Irene completed the order and made her way to the act. They had been commissioned to cater for a short film competition that took place in a farmhouse of the Empordà. They arrived in the dark and glimpsed the assembly, the fifty chairs for attendees arranged in front of one of the walls of the farmhouse, on which the projections were made. When they were about to start an unforeseen situation arose, one of the members of the jury had failed and they needed an alternate. "I'm not a film critic…", she said, "Don't do anything, don't worry, you'll do well". It was not the time for arguing… She left the office and joined the jury table. while one of the screenings was starting. The story on the screen was so familiar to her… and suddenly Jordi’s face on the screen! How could it be? The astonishment left her speechless when she saw Jordi in person coming out of the wall where the screening was taking place, as if he was coming out of the movie! The lights turned on and the dream came true: Jordi asked her to get married and offered her a movie solitaire, in front of an audience full of friends and family.


  • Real story lived by Jordi and Irene in Can Piferrer (Baix Empordà) the october of 2016.




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