A historic and charming establishment can become an ideal setting to live a very special moment.


Marc wanted to surprise Ester by taking her to the New York Café in Budapest. He had been on holiday for a few days, taking advantage of the free days of the Christmas festivities, and had heard that this was "the most beautiful cafe in the world." They had lunch there, accompanied by the music of a pianist playing live, and at the end of the meal they went up the stairs to the lobby of the Hotel Boscolo which connected with the Café. There was no one up there, just a giant Christmas tree full of lights and garlands, and a light-colored sofa.

Marc walked away for a few minutes so he could put the engagement ring inside a box to make it look even better. He returned to the hall, sat down next to Esther, and handed her an envelope. Inside, there were photographs marking the most special moments they had lived together in the four years of relationship they had been in, sorted from the most recent to the oldest. Marc held his breath as Ester passed the photos, one after the other, her face lit up with emotion. When she reached the last image, the day they met, her tears began to fall. She felt like something important was about to happen. And just then, Marc took out the box he had hidden behind his back and opened it, offering him a solitaire with a beautiful brilliance: "Do you want to marry me?". Esther was speechless. And after looking at the ring and Marc, Marc and the ring, she managed to say, "Yes, I want to." The next day they returned to Girona with the most special souvenir of their lives…


  • Real story lived by Marc and Ester in the lobby of the Hotel Boscolo in Budapest (Hungary) in December 2016




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