Sant Jordi special jewel: "Touramalli Silk Rose"

"A silk rose, a raw tourmaline, a love story for the land ... and for you"

The birth of a rose
As you know, we like to celebrate St. George's Day by creating a small collection of jewelry inspired by nature and flowers. This year we have gone a step further in working with it and we have done it from the beginning, from an organic tourmaline that emerged from nature.
Are you ready?

"Touramalli Silk Rose" 

We present "Touramalli Silk Rose", a ring and hoop earrings of great beauty and romance that evoke nature.
You will see that their shapes are organic and sinuous and embrace diamonds and colored tourmalines. The set is in tune with spring, without losing the elegance that characterizes the jewelry of Roosik & Co.


See the ring "Touramalli Silk Rose"
On the one hand, the Touramalli Rose ring represents the birth of a rose just as it begins to open.
Its irregular shape reminds us of the stem of the flower and the diamonds shine there as if they were small drops of dew. The birth of a new day.


See the earrings "Touramalli Silk Rose"
Hoop earrings, on the other hand, are designed to bring volume, presence and luminosity to your face. We have placed the precious stones in two different positions, faces and sides, so that everyone can enjoy your beauty with the jewel placed, both the one in front of you and next to you.
The two jewels blend in with their organic shapes and share the same gems. But look at it… The tones of the tourmalines are slightly different. How many shades and colors do you think there will be?

This is a piece full of symbolism, but we want you to give it its most important meaning.


Personalize your jewelry

As you know, at Roosik & Co we created this jewel from a raw tourmaline and obtained 44 precious stones, all of various colors:
Intense Pink Tourmalines: 5
Peach Pink Tourmalines: 25
Pale Pink Tourmalines: 5
Champagne Yellow Tourmalines: 2
Green-Turquoise Tourmalines: 4
Blue Tourmalines: 1
Multicolor tourmalines: 2

What will be your Sant Jordi tourmaline?

What story will he tell?


Choose here your "Touramalli Silk Rose"

Special edition for Sant Jordi

We still have one last surprise for you. A beautiful edition is waiting for you that will make your Sant Jordi rose shine even more! We hope you like it:
"Touramalli Silk Rose" ring and / or earrings
A natural rose
A silk ribbon dyed with local organic flowers from "My mother's garden"
A video of the process of creating your unique jewel


Pre-booking before April 10

All Roosik & Co jewelry is handmade and very carefully in our workshop in Girona. Therefore, we need a few days to work them as you deserve.
Make your pre-booking before April 10 and you can offer your "rose" for St. George. We will contact you to help you choose your tourmaline tone:


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