What to give to your best friend? String's eternal bonds

What would happen to our lives without friends?

Friendship is a feeling of intimacy with another person. It's hard to define, but for me it could be the sum of words full of meaning such as: understanding, support, fidelity, generosity, authenticity…

Friends can take many forms. They all have different personalities that fill, enrich and inspire us.

In fact, when I designed the String series, I set out to represent in a gem the bonds of friendship and love that unite us to the most special people: friends, family, our partners…

How could I express with a piece the feeling we have towards them?  

Sometimes, even when the feeling is strong, the words are too short or difficult for us to express. I think the best way to thank them for their friendship is with symbolic details made for them with all the care in the world. That's why I like my job. It allows me to express feelings and materialize them through a jewel and the person who receives it feels happiness, love, gratitude…

¿Gifts for friends?

Many times you ask me what jewelry is best suited to give to friends.

The truth is that all jewels are ideal gifts for special friends, so you already have 50% of the success guaranteed.

They are pieces that last forever, like your friendship. They are made with time and care, like what you deserve. And the materials I work with (gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones…) are noble, natural, shiny and beautiful. Values ​​that fit your relationship.

From all the pieces I have designed so far, I opt for the String series as an ideal gift for your best friend. I'll tell you why. 

1 / It's a symbolic jewel

The central motif of the jewel are two heptagons joined together, in an eternal bond. Strength, togetherness, friendship and love are well represented in a symbolic and lasting way in this piece.

Also, one of the heptagons can represent you and the other can represent your friend.

2 / Evokes good luck

The heptagons have 7 sides, and the number seven is the a magic and good luck number. So, in addition to giving her a unique gift, you are wishing her good luck.

Also, this number is present in our daily lives: the seven wonders, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven musical notes… Just thinking about them evokes good feelings, right?

3 / Does she prefer pendant or bracelet?

So far, I have been working on the String series in bracelet and long pendant. I worked them in all kinds of gold (white, yellow and pink), with or without diamonds.


☞ The best of the String bracelet as a gift for your friend

The Comfort
The two heptagons are accompanied by a gold chain that doesn't bother at all, even if her spend many hours using the computer keyboard.

Practical and Functional 
I have included a gold ball, which slides down the chain so that she can tighten the bracelet during the day and the heptagons will always be well placed on her wrist.

Or, at night, if she's one of those people who doesn't like to take off your sleepwear, she can loosen it up to be more comfortable. You can see this adjustment system in the image above.
With or without diamonds? 
Do you know if she would like to dress in a bright touch? If so, I worked a version of the String bracelet with diamonds on one of the heptagons. It's subtle but it will give it a great luminosity that you will love, I assure you.

Combine it! Layering of bracelets
She probably likes to wear more than one bracelet and combine them. In this case, I recommend combining the String or String Diamond bracelet with the Heptasik Diamond bracelet in the same gold color. You can see it here: Diamond Bracelet
The small diamond of the Diamond bracelet inside the golden heptagon produces a very beautiful effect combined with either of the two String bracelets.

☞ El best of the String pendant as a gift for friends

More heptagons shine on the String pendant, in addition to the two that are linked. If you look closely, some are smaller, some are larger… This detail gives the piece an original, fresh and very contemporary look.

It is a discreet jewel but at the same time very elegant. The drop that the pendant has on shirts, t-shirts or sweaters is especially beautiful.

The best of both: String bracelet and pendant
Both are minimalist pieces, easy to wear every day and to combine with all styles of clothing.

4 / Record your name, initial or favorite number on your pendant or bracelet

We can record a short text behind one of the heptagons, what do you think? It's a way to personalize your jewlery and always bring it close to you.

5  / Gifts for friends: Laura's case 

Laura is a girl who lives in London. She is part of a group of 7 friends. One of them was going to work abroad and they decided to give her the Heptasik One bracelet as a farewell gift.
This bracelet also has the heptagon as its central motif. Laura told us that each side of the figure symbolized one of the gang's friends. Nice, isn't it? You can see it here: Heptasik One Bracelet

6 / Praise to Fiendship: a brilliant expereience together 

Did you know that July 20 is International Friendship Day? Celebrate it with your best friend. A String jewel will make her love it for everything it represents and evokes.

In addition to the jewel, you can enjoy another gift together: I invite you to a visit to our Atelier, I will show you how jewelry works and you will walk among diamonds and precious stones. 

You will be the brightest jewelers and designers and you will have another memory to add to your collection.

Write to me if you need advice or counsel. I will be happy to help you. Here is my email: jordi@roosik.com
See you soon!
A hug,



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