Handmade gifts for mothers

There is nothing stronger than the love of a mother and there is nothing more intimate than the bond that is created with sons and daughters
At the Roosik & Co store you often ask us for which pieces of jewelry you can celebrate this unique relationship between mothers and children.
As you well know, all jewelry is in itself one of the most beautiful and sensitive vehicles you have at your disposal to express this union. It is helped by the fact that they are handmade jewelry, with noble metals that last over time and with natural and unique precious stones that have emerged from nature.
Anyway, we make you a small selection of designs of pieces that by their symbolism can be the perfect gift for mothers (or future mothers). Here we go:


1 / Gold Pendant or Bracelet with charms

Charms are small pieces of gold, often with diamonds and precious stones, ideal for collecting. Each Charm has assigned a symbolism which every mother will feel very identified.
For example, gemstones enjoy properties like: strength, brilliance, sweetness, wisdom… Surely she identifies with the values ​​of a pink sapphire, a diamond or a emerald!
You can see all our Charms and Chains here.
And if you want to know more about the meaning of gemstones, I recommend you to read the Gems & Diamonds  section of our Gold Paper blog.

You can also combine the Charms with letters of the alphabet (your initial or the one of your children) or with a number that identifies you (the day of your birth, for example! Or the 18 years of your daughter). In this way, you make your piece a unique and tailor-made jewel for you or your family.

2/ String Necklace or Bracelet

Trend Alert! This option is very popular with mothers. The central motif is two heptagons joined in an eternal bond. One of the heptagons represents the mother and the other the son or daughter. Also, the large heptagon can symbolize the couple that forever embraces the small heptagon, the baby.

It is a beautiful and symbolic way to represent the strength and love that unites the family. In addition, we can also record a small message on one of the sides.

I also designed the String bracelet to create a beautiful set.


With or without diamonds?

I work the String collection in yellow, pink or white gold, as smooth as with diamonds in the big heptagon. Moms will love to dress up with this bright touch! In addition, diamonds are a symbol of eternity, strength and brilliance… Qualities that all mothers enjoy! ;)


3/ Double Heptasik Necklace

A similar option to the previous one is the Double Heptasik gold pendant. If you look at it, in this jewel the heptagonal motif is bigger and therefore has more visual force. It is an option with a lot of presence and personality and that will illuminate their face even more.


4/ Grand & Pétite Pendant

This gold pendant from the Heptasik collection allows you to personalize it and engrave the names of your loved ones. You can take the opportunity to put your name, the one of your brother or sister, son or daughter… Or your favorite number!
The heptagons have 7 sides, and the set you already know is the quintessential magic and good luck number! So, in addition to giving her a unique gift, you are wishing her good luck.

5/ Wish Diamond Pendant

For the most daring and contemporary mothers, we offer you the Wish pendant with diamonds. This is a handmade heptagonal pendant that includes 21 diamonds. It will give them a touch of distinction that will leave them speechless when they open the box!

 Here you see it in white gold, but we also work it in yellow gold. We assure you that this warm touch of metal combined with white diamonds gives it a very beautiful and flattering contrast. Keep in mind that we can work all the jewelry in the gold color you want: think about it, what kind of gold can you feel best accompanied by? ;)

6/ Open Ring

What greater commitment exists in a couple than having a child together? Engagement rings are perfect handmade gifts for moms, they are pieces with a very high symbolic load.
I’ve selected two for you to be one of the most contemporary and innovative, but you can check out the rest here: see engagement rings
I highlight the Open and Open Pear rings because the ring is open in two different parts but at the same time joined. Again, one of the diamonds can symbolize the couple or mother, and the second diamond to the son or daughter. A bright and eternal celebration of your bond!
We will help you choose the best gift for your mother!
We hope you enjoyed this selection of handmade jewelry, symbolic and suitable for a birth or as a gift to your mother or partner. Don't worry, all jewelry is in itself the bearer of the strongest and most beautiful emotions, so they are all good choices!
We invite you to take a look at the other collections in case she is a lover of colored gemstones, or, who knows, if you already have 3 children you may be able to value a piece with 3 flower-shaped stones ... Ask us for advice and we will think together ideas for your family.
It is a very symbolic object, we want as much as you to surprise her and always bring her close to the heart.
If you liked these possible gifts for mothers and daughters, we encourage you to read our post on Charms & Chains: "Collecting Moments"


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