Anna Carbonell

I am 37 years old, I have over 300 pairs of shoes, 4 business executives, two children and a wonderful man, and not in that order but everything is part of my life and I would not change a single comma.

I was born in a family dedicated to serving people. I am the third generation of a beautiful hotel on the Costa Brava where guests repeat every year and are part of our second family.
My parents taught me that respect must be earned
and that nothing would come to me as a gift because I'm called Carbonell, like the family business. That’s why, once I finished my studies, I didn’t go to work at home but outside. Many years have passed and I have never regretted it. That made me love my land and my business, and it gave me wings to go even further.

I currently run the Hotel Carbonell in Llançà,but I also have a communication agency called Addictes, I am the President of the Girona Marketing Club, organizer of the Cactus Awards for communication, marketing and new technologies in Catalonia and, for half a year, I am also the director of communication and marketing of La Brava Beer, the premium beer inspired by the Costa Brava.

To all this we must add the four things that make me happiest and that balance the balance, which are my children, my husband, my family and my collection of heels.
My jeweler is my shoe cabinet.
I have a little princess named Sílvia who steps on my heels when it comes to adding shoes when she is only 8 years old and a man who consents to me and who, whenever he can, gives me a pair of heels. If we take into account the ones I already have, they must add up to two or three hundred. Shoes are for me that complement, along with jewelry, de-stressing and powerful at the same time. Shoes define who you are and who you want to be. I have to tell you something ... There are always at least a new couple of them in my closet.

I have no time for anything. I go with the agenda fifteen days in advance, I suffer from diagnosed stress, I sleep little and eat badly but I am passionate about each and every one of the projects I do and I do not want to give up any of them because I think I will find the time to do -ho. It's now or never.
I’m equally ambitious and passionate and I can’t do anything about it.
They say I'm rough, but it's just because I like to go to the grain. I can't stand people who spend twenty words more than necessary to say something, I believe a lot in the power of women and in good communication. As Oscar Wilde said, I have simple tastes, I just always like the best.


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