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The birthstone of the month of december: THE TANZANITE

Do you already know that the month of the year in which we are born can condition our personality? This is one of the reasons why a gemstone has been linked to each month of the year since ancient times. Thus, all those born in a certain month of the year have a specific gemstone with which they will feel identified by the associated qualities it has; Wearing a jewel with their birthstone will enhance the best of their personality.

At Roosik & Co. today we dedicate this article to all of you who were born during the month of December. If you are one of these people, don’t stop reading.... We will explain why your birthstone is Tanzanite, and why you will love to wear a jewel with this gem.

Tanzanite and you

If you ask us what the color blue reminds us, surely many of us will think of the same thing: the sea. Why does it seduce us in this way? Because of its immense depth? Why is it the same everywhere and different everywhere? For the beauty of the landscapes that it often composes, this for sure. Sometimes it can be disturbing, but also many times the tranquility it inspires, wins us over. The color of the sea is blue, but the blue of the sea can be a thousand different blues at once. Now think about the calmer blue: this is yours, the blue of Tanzanite, the blue of reflection and responsibility.

This exclusive stone has the value of the persons that are as unique as you: it is obtained only at the foot of Kilimanjaro, in northern Tanzania, and the ultramarine blue that characterizes it is sometimes tinged with an amethyst violet that makes it take lilac tones. Seeing it is an invitation to reflection, just like what those born in December do: value the arguments that should make you win. Because there is also the desire to win in you, the latent emotion of competition so typical of young spirits! And it is that Tanzanite is also a young spirit because it wasn’t discovered until 1967, could this be the reason why you feel so good with this stone?

Your gift, your ring with tanzanite


We know that the day you celebrate your birthday is one of the most important dates of the year for you, that is why Jordi Rosich has designed this spectacular ring with your birthstone, a Tanzanite of the deepest ultramarine blue.

A winning jewel, with a stone of a blue as intense as it is charming, so that you have the best ally in this competition as passionate as life is!

The Tanzanite ring is handcrafted in 18 karat white gold and with a 7.35ct natural Tanzanite in the center. It is accompanied by 66 natural diamonds of triple excellence that contrast it and give it great luminosity.




We don’t miss the opportunity to wish you the best birthday with a great "CONGRATULATIONS!" from the entire team at Roosik & Co. And remember that you can contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp  to clarify any questions.


See you soon!

Roosik & Co

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