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 Metrik Do you have an important meeting via video conference with a future client? Does your team have a quick question that you can resolve via Jitsy, Meet, Skype? Or, you’ve just talked with your friends about having a meeting online.

Be pretty
even if they only see you from the waist up. It’s time to bring out your brightest or bulkiest jewelry, yes, also indoors.

Jewels above the keyboard
Look in your jeweler, what are your “above the keyboard” pieces of jewelry? That is, the jewels that can be appreciated in your video calls, from screen to screen and that favor you and make you feel good. They will be trending in the coming months.

If you were already looking for pieces to prepare your jeweler, here are my "Above the Keyboard" jewelry recommendations.


In your jeweler can't be missing… 

1 / Above the Keyboard Earrings

Earrings and pendants are the jewels that are closest to your face, so they are the pieces to which you must pay special attention at the time of your virtual meetings.

I recommend the Metrik Hoop Earrings for being a very original and colorful jewel, with which you will impress your spectators. The two hoops (well, heptagons) are parallel to your face and you will reflect a lot of light. The touch of color of the precious stones (green or pink, as you prefer) are very easy to combine and give you a fun and casual touch. For me it is a top bet on your jeweler.

I would also love to see you on your calls with the

Swing earrings because the heptagon hanging from the circle will move with you, accompanying you in your gestures and explanations providing light reflections that will enchant your audience. 



2 / Above the Keyboard Pendants

Depending on the earrings you wear you can play with more colorful or less pendants. I am in favor of that if the earrings already have a lot of presence or personality, it is better to look for a discreet pendant. What do you think of this point of light?

This piece is perfect in almost every look. This is the Heptasik Diamond Pendant and you will also find it in all gold colors.

It’s a piece you’ll never take off. It is discreet enough to accompany you in your day to day and at the same time it is very special because it carries an exceptional diamond.

It is a brilliant cut diamond capable of reflecting 99.9% of the light that enters it. Plus, it has practically no impurities and is transparent in color, so imagine… You’ll see that even though it looks small in size, it’s a piece of great power.

If you prefer another type of design, I would definetly recommend the One Pendant as the heptagon, smooth and polished, will attract a lot of attention.

You also have it in a double heptagon version, it takes up more space on the chest and has more symbolic look as it represents a link. You can see it better here, accompained by HeptaDrop earrings:

And here's another option, with five gems, that I think you'll love. Choose your favorite color or gem, you will find it in yellow (yellow sapphire), pink (pink sapphire), green (emerald), light blue (aquamarine), dark blue (blue sapphire), red (rubie) and white (diamonds).

If it helps, I'll tell you that the most successful colors are pink, light blue and white, probably because they are very easy colors to match with clothes.

3 / Rings Above the Keyboard

When you put on your headphones, when you take the pen to take notes or just when you put your hair in your videos… It will be the moment when your hand enters the scene and you will hear a “wow”! Yes, choose an original and powerful ring like
They look like 5 rings but it is a single one. This makes it a very comfortable piece to wear, also for work, and very impactful.

If you look closely, I have placed diamonds in some of the heptagons, to create a beautiful contrast of light and color.

I think on the other side of the screen you will be asked to put on your headphones again and again, just for the pleasure of seeing you shake hands!
Want a smaller but just as original piece? Consider the

Biggie ring. You will like both yellow and pink gold:


And for more colorful and fun looks, try making a nice combination with Emerald & Co rings, there are 7 different colors. You can take them all together, in groups of two or three or separately. 


4 / Bracelets Above the Keyboard

Regarding the bracelets, you can choose to do a layering. You've probably heard this concept more than once, it's about combining two or more jewels, side by side. In this case, I propose a layering of two or more bracelets: the Diamond bracelet in yellow with the String Bracelet of the same color, with or without diamonds, they look very well together.


The valuable power of jewelry
I always think that gold jewelry has a power, and it is to make you raise your self-esteem and to make you feel so valuable, special and unique… Like the gold, diamonds or precious stones you wear.

So, put on your jewelry and face your new day to day at home, at work, in your new makeshift office with the help of your most special pieces.

If you need more ideas, write to me (or give us a video call!) And tell me your tastes and preferences. I will help you configure the basic pieces of your jeweler "above the keyboard":

A bright month awaits you.

See you soon!



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