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Hectagon, Optagon, Pentagon, Hexagon… It’s fun to see how you christen our iconic Heptagon. We call it Heptasik, which is born from mixing the words "Heptagon" and "Roosik".
Today I will tell you how this geometric figure -which at first only illustrated our logo- has become the source of inspiration to create a whole collection of pieces of minimalist jewelry.

Why is the heptagon the symbol of Roosik & Co?

You've seen me sign all the jewels with this iconic seven-sided figure: the Heptagon.
The reason is because I feel very reflected in it. It summarizes the basics of my jewelry, in which noble metals (gold and platinum) and precious stones are the protagonists.
In fact, the number 7 that characterizes this figure evokes the seven noble metals known in antiquity (iron, copper, tin, mercury, lead, silver and gold) and the seven colors of the rainbow (red, orange , yellow, green, blue, indian and violet).

Minimalist jewelry: Origins Heptasik Collection
The heptagon is a figure that invites the eyes to pay attention, don't you think?
This fact immediately inspired me to create a pendant for this reason. The heptagon would become a vanishing point capable of capturing all eyes.
I worked it very flat, delicate, so that the figure rested on the skin and at the same time integrated into it.
I accompanied it with a fine gold chain, so that it would go unnoticed and give full prominence to the geometric figure. And the end result was this:

I really like this piece! Perhaps because it is the jewel of Roosik & Co that I have worked on the most times.
I must admit that at the time of designing it I did not expect the great reception it received.
Over time, I’ve seen you appreciate it because it’s a pendant with presence and personality, and at the same time it’s understated and subtle, ideal for everyday wear. So, bottom line is that we're really looking forward to it.

Thanks to this fact and your suggestions, I started designing other pieces of jewelry with the heptagon motif and the same minimalist essence, to the point of creating a whole collection.
Hoop earrings, button earrings, bracelets, fine rings to match them, heptagonal rings… A whole creative world opened up around the heptagon!

Heptasik, Blossik, Blossom… 

For me, Heptasik means light, warmth and the purest essence.
At first I only worked on this collection in yellow gold and without precious stones. Today, you will see that I also work in rose gold and white gold, with small gems or diamonds that give it light and color without losing the minimalist spirit.
Even a few years ago, I dared to merge Heptasik with other collections, such as Blossom. Do you know her Blossom is an explosion of color, floral inspiration and with colored gemstones as protagonists.

In the image above you can see a gemstone in the shape of a heptagon. You've never seen one before, have you? This is because this size is exclusive to Roosik & Co.
Gemstones are usually cut into the usual shapes. Sure they sound like you: bright cut, baguette, emerald, princess, round, pink, oval… But I ventured to design this new cut because I had a dream: I wanted to make a series of pieces I had in my head come true months… Here you can see them, they are called BlossikHeptaCrown and 80ths.

What virtue has a gemstone in heptagonal carving? Because it brings unique light reflections to the piece and… to your face, different from all other gem sizes.

The magic of the Heptagon 

Jewelry is a symbolic object because it carries emotions, moments and words. In addition to the Heptasik collection, you have to add the magic of the sides of the heptagon: the number seven is so seductive and extraordinary.
If you feel like knowing more curiosities about the minimalist jewelry in the collection Heptasik, write to me, i'll love to tell you. This is my email:

Would you like to discover Heptasik?  
You see, Heptasik is my most essential and personal collection. It’s where I experiment, create and turn my whole universe. I invite you to see all the pieces. I hope you like it, see you soon!


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