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When the weather does not play in favor of the planned plan, you need to know how to improvise.

Jordi had a plan. As a professional, he was very aware of the importance of the moment to propose the couple to marry. It had to be in a special place, the occasion had to be prepared to be unique and memorable. Take care of every detail and think of an amazing and magical strategy. They had a vacation in February and with Mariona they had decided to make a getaway to New York. The city of skyscrapers is extraordinary at all times of the year, even in winter. Maybe they could go skating at Rockefeller Center? Or give her the engagement ring on top of the Empire State Building?


In the end, he had decided to play a little game with the squirrels of Central Park, sure Mariona would love to see them so close - in the Catalan forests the squirrels are always rough. That! He would show her that he was approaching them to feed them, and when he withdrew his hand he would show her what the pet had given him: an engagement ring. The surprise was guaranteed! He expected the “yes” too.

With a well-defined strategy in mind, they flew to New York in the second week of February. When they got off the plane, they were surprised by the cold… It was the worst cold wave in the city in many years, 24 degrees below zero and a meter and a half of snow! They had to cancel their planned trip to Boston because the train line was cut off. But Central Park was open; Jordi continued with his plan until, once in the park, he realized the reality: snow everywhere, no squirrels in sight. And now, what?

That night, the apartment they shared at SoHo during their stay was left to them, the roommates had tickets for a musical. "Or now, or never," thought Jordi. He decided to turn it into a special dinner. He found a truffled ham in a gourmet store in the area, was advised to buy a California wine, and when he returned he added a few candles to round out the tableware. And so a night without plans became the plan of his life. Mariona said yes, despite the squirrels ’lack of collaboration!


  • Real story lived by Mariona and Jordi in New York City (USA) in February 2016



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