Origin Story · Interview with Jordi Rosich

"I didn't like the jewels" says Jordi Rosich with a sincerity that scratches the heart just starting the interview. 
Jordi is very young, he is 36 years old, but he has been living with the tools of the jewelery workshop, diamonds and the most precious stones for twenty-five years.
During this time he has gone from rejecting the profession to loving it with all his soul. Today, he is the jeweler and designer of all the pieces in the Roosik & Co collections, a project of which he is also the founder. He currently has a team of jewelers and nailers who accompany him in making each of the pieces he imagines a reality.

– But you now have your own jewelry firm!
Jordi Rosich: True, when I was little I didn’t feel at all attached to jewelry. In fact, I wanted to get away from it because it was the one that took me the time to be with my family. My parents were jewelers and had a family business to which they spent many hours… I never saw them.
– ¿And then?
Jordi Rosich: I saw them working so hard that despite not feeling identified with their project I wanted to help them. And they needed me too… First they asked me for help with computer issues, because I had a lot of skill with computers. And, over time, he was already doing repairs and commissioning for his workshop. I learned quickly and provided them with ideas and solutions… I began to understand the world of jewelry with different eyes. 
– And when it comes to choosing studies, then… Computers or jewelry?
Jordi Rosich: (laughs) No, I didn't want to be a jeweler. At the age of 17, I had a big dilemma when it came to choosing a career. I knew that if I didn’t study jewelry I would break my parents heart… At that time, choosing to be a jeweler was more an act of commitment and family bond than vocation. 

– The pieces of Roosik & Co are very special, they have a very marked personality. When did you start developing this style of your own and having the need to create and design your own jewelry?
Jordi Rosich: I’ve always been a person of accomplishing a thousand and one things at once. I am very curious and have a great need to create and challenge myself. 
When I finished my studies, at the age of 22, I realized that I had more tools and resources to pour all the creativity that was boiling inside me. I realized that for the first time, I felt a little love for jewelry and she for me. I had a new vehicle to express myself. 
– Like a painter…
Jordi Rosich: Yes, I feel identified with it. To me, diamonds and gemstones are like an artist's brushes or a musician's notes. These are the tools I use to "compose" jewelry.
By the time I mastered the technique, I was starting to really enjoy the craft. That was the beginning of the first designs and pieces that are now part of the Roosik & Co collections.

– What is your creative process, that is, how do you begin to create a jewel?
Jordi Rosich: Often, when I see people I instinctively visualize what jewel may look good on them. And with that idea in mind, I make a quick sketch on the paper, take the gemstones and diamonds and place them on the drawing, trying different combinations.
From there, I move this initial sketch to a 3D design program that is where I perfect the details and make sure the jewelry, in addition to aesthetics, is functional, comfortable to wear and durable over time. 
– Are women the ones who inspire your jewelry?
Jordi Rosich: Yes, definitely, and so are gemstones and diamonds. I am a gemologist and a nature lover, so I have a passion for natural stones and everything they evoke.
I spend hours looking at their shapes and colors… I can appreciate their rarity and the fact that each one is so unique in the world. So sometimes my creative process simply starts with a gem. I need to create a bespoke gold frame for her that will embrace her and enhance her natural beauty and personality.


– Your jewelry has a minimalist essence
Jordi Rosich: Anyone who knows me knows that I am very perfectionist and a great supporter of "less is more". That’s why I try to make the lines of the piece pure, essential. Even the staples that hold the gems are the slightest expression. 

– Jordi, what is a jewel?
Jordi Rosich: A jewel is so much more than gold and precious stones, it is not a luxury. It is pure emotion. It’s love, art, design, technology, creativity… It’s also endless hours of dedication.
– What does Roosik & Co mean to you?
Jordi Rosich: It's a project of honesty and transparency, with myself and others. It is a dialogue from the heart.
– Honesty?
Jordi Rosich: Yes, people just don’t understand what honesty is in a jewelry or jewelry world. For me, jewelry is a space of artistic expression in communion with the environment and with the people around me and part of it.


That’s why I control all the creation processes from the moment a piece is born until you have it in your hands. So I can guarantee you that gem is really what I tell you it is.
When I spend so many hours improving and perfecting the design, it’s because of honesty, because I want it to fit you into a bespoke dress and make you feel comfortable and identified with it.
When I decide to use recycled gold to avoid extracting it from the mines, or when I melt it and create the alloy myself in the workshop so that there are no intermediaries that can add harmful substances in its composition and that can harm your skin… It's honesty.
Working with diamonds of the highest quality categories, which comply with the Kimberley Treaty and which come from conflict-free countries… Honesty.
Not everyone can give you this level of information throughout the process and can certify it for you.

– What do you like most about your job?
Jordi Rosich: That is not a job. When I get up I never say "I'm going to work", I say "I'm going to the workshop". The day he says I go to work… Maybe I won't go there anymore.
✦ ✦ ✦
Jordi has become the designer and jeweler of reference for those who, like him, value jewelery for being more than gold and precious stones.
He has also received professional recognition for his career: the 2019 Talent Award from Girona City Council and the 2019 Best Trade Award from the JORG, the Official Association of Jewelers, Goldsmiths, Watchmakers and Gemmologists of Catalonia.
He received these awards a year ago. It was around November 3… The day on which Saint Eloi, the patron saint of jewelers, is celebrated. What a beautiful trade.
Thank you, Jordi, for your honesty, also in this interview.


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