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Women Infinite Inspiration · Miriam Dema

 "With my works I seek to represent the beauty of imperfection and the generosity of life in moments of splendor"

Miriam Dema is an artist and currently lives in Barcelona. She studied Fine Arts in Barcelona and moved to Lima, Peru, when she graduated. There she found a different and personal way of expressing herself through painting. She works mainly with oils, oil pastels and enamels.

– Hello Miriam,what aroused your curiosity about painting?
Miriam Dema: I studied Fine Arts because it was what I liked the most and for what I had the most talent for. There I was able to experiment with various artistic disciplines, such as drawing, painting, sculpture or engraving, with a special focus on the second half of the degree in conceptual art and cooking. When I graduated, I decided to go to Peru to study Peruvian cuisine, and there I met painting again. I felt the need to express my fascination with so many new stimuli by painting, and little by little I began to develop the style that defines me today. I realized that painting was my favorite thing and the way I wanted to go!
– How is your creative process?
Miriam Dema: I paint each work intuitively and based on memory and very simple line drawings, applying partially uncovered layers of vibrant colors. Then, my way of painting is very similar to the one I have to remember, in layers, in pieces, free ... This allows me to paint more freely, without getting lost in the details of a real reference, while it involves the spectator in the process, able to observe it in the final result.

– How do you get inspired?
Miriam Dema: I am moved by shared experiences and human interaction: the way we look, touch and move, how we interact with the spaces and the imprint we leave there. I am inspired by the Mediterranean air, of relaxation and good life, music and dance, the elements and stimuli of everyday life. I seek to represent in my works the beauty of imperfection and the generosity of life in moments of splendor, building memories that evoke warmth and relaxation combining memories, imagination and everyday elements.

– It's your way of expressing yourself… 
Miriam Dema:  Yes, painting has become my way of communicating who I am, of expressing my vision of life and what I focus on and value. I see it as a way to share and dialogue, to channel my emotions and creative concerns, and to live!
– Do you think that your works can help empower women?
Miriam Dema: My painting is a reflection of my vision and my experience of the world as a woman, this makes other women easily connect with what I express and feel identified with it. I remember a woman writing to me telling me that she saw the women in my paintings as a reminder of who she wanted to be: confident, carefree, brave, determined, and elegant. He explained to me that seeing my works encouraged him to fight every day to make his goal a reality. Also another person told me that they reminded him of what was important in life. When I paint I don't think about the reaction that the work can have on whoever looks at it, as I consider that it depends on many factors external to me that I don't have to take care of, but I'm excited to see that it can move and empower this way!

– Which women inspire you on a personal level?

Miriam Dema: My mother and grandmother, for their naturalness, light and abundance!

– Do you like jewelry? Which piece of Roosik & Co do you identify with the most?

Miriam Dema: Yes, I would choose Vintage earrings. The inspire me clarity and freshness! I like the old air they have and it gives me the feeling that there is a beautiful story to tell behind their design.

It has been a pleasure to meet Miriam in more depth. We wanted to continue talking together and delve deeper into how he conveys his vision of life in each of his works. Follow her on @miriamdema_

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