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How to take care of your gold jewelry and precious stones?

It is normal to have doubts about how to take care of your jewelry. With each passing day they are losing their initial luster, you must have noticed! Above all, you will have seen it in your rings. They are more likely to receive small blows because we carry them in our hands.

Also, when we wear jewelry, we don’t usually take it off when we put on sunscreen, moisturizers, oils, soaps, perfumes… and they get cloudy and dirty. An opaque veil can cover your precious stones and gold and make them lose their luster.

I find it helpful to give you some tips to keep your gold jewelry always radiant. If you have any questions, I leave you my email. Write to me at:

Can gold be damaged?

Yes, gold jewelry can be damaged by daily use. Gold is a soft metal, that's why there are alloys with other metals that give it hardness. However, if it get hit very hard, scratches can occur.

How can I keep my jewlery always shiny?

Although it may seem typical, the most important thing you need to do to keep them always radiant is to prevent.
If you are very skilled and love to make crafts, cook, DIY, gardening, paint, etc., it is better to take off your jewelry while doing these tasks. And even more so if it is your trade or job!

Think that there are some products like detergents, alcohol, bleach, acids (lemon, vinegar)… that can damage or get dirty gold or precious stones.

If you’re an athlete, I advise you not to wear your jewelry with gemstones to chlorinated pools or wear them while playing sports… They could get hit and damaged. Pay special attention to your white gold jewelry, the rhodium bath may disappear faster than usual and you will see your jewelry deteriorate in no time.

It is true that rose gold or yellow gold jewelry without stones is more durable. First, because of their own alloy and second, because they don’t have the rhodium bath. This means that you can do sports, but they may get dirty or scratched superficially.

I'll explain it in detail here. You can download and print this information if you want to always keep it in mind or pick up your printed card at the Atelier – Jewelry of Girona

¿How to clean gold jewelry at home?

I’ll tell you a homemade trick that can help you clean your gold jewelry with gemstones or diamonds at home. You can do this once a month, if you want.

It’s about preparing a pot with water and heating it until it boils and you see the bubbles. Put your jewelry inside for 5 or 10 minutes. After this time, take them out carefully (don't burn yourself!) And run them through the cold tap water. You can use non-metal clamps to perform this process. Dry your jewelry very carefully so as not to scratch it. Do this with a cotton cloth, without rubbing, slowly absorbing the water.

And that's it! You will have removed the dirt from the gels, soaps and fats from day to day and in a moment.

¿How to clean jewelry with diamonds or stones?

Gemstones and diamonds can also be cleaned with the usual 96º alcohol at home. You can throw a little on it and gently wipe it with a cloth to remove any dirt that may have stuck to your stones.

However, you should be very careful and precise, as alcohol and white gold are not very friendly. Remember that alcohol wastes the rhodium bath of your white gold jewelry. 

Hydroalcoholic gels and jewelry. Is its use recommended? 

Also use the trick of boiling water to remove the remnants of hydroalcoholic gels. As this is a topic that is sure to concern you these days, you will find more information here:

Can antibacterial gel damage your jewelry?

I can tell you that gels and jewelry are not incompatible, but whenever possible, you should prioritize washing your hands with soap and water before using gels.

To sum up… How to keep your jewelry always shiny?

♡ Choose your jewelry in yellow gold or rose gold if you are concerned about maintenance. They are more resistant than white gold because of their own alloy (they carry more copper, a very hard metal) and because they do not need the rhodium bath (the layer of metal with which the white gold rings are coated and thanks to the which achieves the spectacular mirror effect).

♡ Prevention is better than cure. Even if you love your jewelry and feel better when you wear it, I recommend that you take it off to sleep, play sports or perform tasks that require contact with alcohol, acids, scrubs, bleach, chlorine, moisturizers…

♡ To see your brightest jewels, boil them for 5 or 10 minutes in a pot once a month. This will remove the remnants of soap and grease and make them shine again.

♡ You can clean your diamonds and gemstones with 96º alcohol and very carefully. In the case of white gold rings with stones, try not to let the alcohol come in contact with the gold.

♡ If your Roosik & Co jewelry has fallen to the ground or has deeper scratches, it’s best to take it to the Atelier and look at it carefully. Also, remember that our jewelry has free maintenance for a lifetime and every two years. We will leave them as bright as the first day.

Do you have more questions about how to take care of your gold jewelry at home? Write to me! I would like to help you:
See you soon!
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