A jewel to remember: the heptagonal gold pendant

“The heptagon is a special shape, forms part of our lives: the 7 days of the week, the 7 musical notes, the 7 colours of the rainbow, the 7 wonders of the world …” - Jordi Rosich


The Heptagon Collection


Who would have thought that this 7-sided shape would grow to become a source of inspiration for an entire gold jewellery collection featuring clean, essential lines: the Heptasik Collection by Roosik & Co.
It’s thanks to you and your wonderful stories about the heptagon that have led to the evolution of the first piece, the gold "One" necklace, and you’ve made it your amulet. We’d like to tell you all about it!

The 7-sided gold necklace: Heptasik "One" 


The "One" pendant is a minimalist gold piece of pure geometric shapes. It breathes an elegant simplicity that captivates women of all ages and all fashion styles.

Jordi Rosich opted to sculpt it flat, to make it comfortable to wear. And check this, it always sits perfectly in place, like a second skin.

The fine gold chain also blends in with the colour of the skin, giving centre stage to the heptagon! Its polished sides brighten the face of the wearer, making this a very flattering piece. Maybe that’s the secret to making everyone feel so good when wearing it.



The 7 Wonders of the "One" Pendant


If you’re planning to give a gold charm to someone special, we guarantee that this is the piece you’re looking for. Here’s why:

The design
It’s a timeless and essential necklace, one of those basic must-have pieces in your jewellery box. It never goes out of style and you’ll always look good wearing it. 
The fine, sustainable materials and its timelessness.
This necklace is made of 18k white, yellow or rose gold with a proprietary alloy that we make using 100% pure recycled gold. What’s more, gold jewellery lasts a lifetime, and it’s often handed down from generation to generation.
The occasion
This is a modern and versatile pendant that you can wear every day, as well as on special occasions. It will always be up to par with the most elegant and sophisticated looks. 
The convenience
It always looks good over the chest and it goes perfectly with any article of clothing.
The feelings
A jewellery piece isn’t just an object like any other. Rather, it’s a carrier of feelings and emotions. Capable of evoking the essence of a certain someone or moment, this necklace expresses the very best of the person who has given it to you... or of you yourself.
The symbolism
For many people, 7 is a favourite number, whether for its association with good luck, a birthday or because we’re surrounded by the number 7 in countless elements of nature.
The exclusivity
This is an artisan piece, hand-made in our workshop, with a design of its own. You won’t find it anywhere else. And it’s made with special care to detail, just for you.

A necklace with many stories to tell


Through the years, we have been fortunate enough to hear your wonderful stories surrounding the One pendant. We want to share them with you. They’re true stories that our customers have told us:


Cristina, all born on the magical day


Cristina gave herself the One necklace when her first daughter was born, on the 7th day of a month. Oddly enough, her second son was also born on the 7th. The best part of all? Yes, Cristina was born on the 7th, as well!

Kelly, 7 friends forever


Kelly is from London. She searched the Internet for a gift associated with the number 7 and she found the Heptasik collection by Roosik & Co. They were a group of 7 friends and one of them was going off to live in a different country. They decided to give her the One necklace as a gift, as each side represented a member of their group. 

Montse, the brilliant retirement


Pilar and Sonia were looking for a gift for Montse. Her retirement day had finally arrived! They saw the One necklace as a “medal of effort” for all her years of hard work at the company.

Alba and Andreu, together at 30 and ever after


Alba would soon be celebrating her 30th birthday. Her boyfriend, Andreu, wanted to give her an original piece of jewellery that would remind her of him and this wonderful landmark birthday for the rest of her life. He hoped that years later, Alba would tell her children or grandchildren that this necklace represented a very special birthday.

Marta, the importance of loving (oneself)


Marta saw the One necklace as a lovely piece of jewellery that made her feel good. Its clean and balanced design gave her a feeling of peace. Still today, she tells us that she never takes it off.

A personalisable gold necklace


All these stories truly fill us with joy. We hope this pendant is just as special for you. 
Remember, at no extra charge, we can engrave it with a small personalised message: a name, a date, etc. That will surely make your charm even more personal and one-of-a-kind.

Start your Heptasik story


The "One" pendant was the beginning of our most iconic collection and, hopefully, it will be the beginning of your own story with Roosik & Co :) 

Now, with the purchase of your "One" gold pendant, we will present you with an exclusive gift vegan leather jewelry from Roosik & Co. This way you can save it, take care of it and transport it on your travels.

We have 25 units, don't run out of yours! We look forward to hearing what a beautiful story there will be behind your pendant.



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