About the Heptagon

The Heptagon is the form that identifies the corporate image of Roosik&Co. Jordi Rosich signs all the jewlery he creates with this iconic seven-sided figure, which summarizes the basic concepts of his jewelry, characterized by a setting where metals and colored stones are combined into pieces that stand out for their sensuality.


The heptagon is the symbol of Roosik&Co.
The seven sides of Roosik&Co's iconic Heptagon. evoke the seven metals known in antiquity (iron, copper, tin, mercury, lead, silver and gold) and the seven colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). 
The artistic work of metals and the colors of natural gems become, in the hands of Jordi Rosich, jewels that combine the author's creative universe, capable of embodying, at the same time, the emotions of those who wear them. Jewels as symbolic as the number of sides of the Heptagon, the magical number seven.





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