“It's autumn!” · 7 essential jewels for the golden season

Have you ever visited the Devesa park in Girona? It has a magical charm, especially when summer is over and the trees drop their leaves.

This type of leaf usually has 3 or 5 lobes. I'd like to find one with 7 because it makes me think of our golden heptagon. 

Which emotions does autumn bring to you?
Although summer is a time of joy, fun and explosion of color, for me autumn seems like a beautiful season. When it arrives, it gives me peace of mind.

I have the feeling that I meet again that close friend whom I have not seen for a long time. Does the same happen to you?


Recently, while sitting on one of the benches in the garden inside the Devesa, a little girl with her pink bicycle stopped a few meters from me. And very thoughtfully, she looked up at the sky for a few seconds, until she addressed her parents and said to them: It is autumn!

Yes, it's autumn. And I liked that the welcome to the new station was confirmed by that girl looking at the treetops.

They are centuries-old trees that measure 60 meters in height. They were planted many, many years ago, very close to each other, so they have grown taller than wide. One day I will count them, they say there are 2500. Is it possible?

It shocks me to think that they have been there for so long, looking at us. Who knows if they'll see us come in and out of our jewelry store!

Girona is a city of stone and water, of trees with leaves of three and five lobes, of colorful houses that stick their noses out in front of the river…

And, at all times of the year, even if the city is dressed (or undressed) for each season, these elements manage to maintain its essence and personality. It is a beautiful legacy for those of us who live or visit it.

It’s fall, yes, and I’m looking back at my particular 7-pointed leaves.
I wish you a happy reunion with the warmth and sweetness of these months. 
And to you, what emotions and sensations does this new season and our jewels arouse in you? Write to us and share it on our Instagram Stories: @roosikandco 


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