Jordi clava diamantes mientras Nuria Val Frecklesnur observa el proceso

A few months ago, Nuria Val @frecklesnur and Jordi Rosich embarked on a creative and artistic challenge: the two artists would design a piece of jewellery at the traditional workshop of Roosik & Co. The aim was to combine their universes and work together on designing a very remarkable piece of jewellery. And we assure … Read more

Colgante para mujer con bicicleta de oro, joyas solidarias Roosik & Co

Jewellery and Solidarity We’re very keen on cycling at Roosik & Co; in fact, Jordi Rosich cycles every day once he leaves the workshop – it’s one of his passions! So we loved the suggestion made by Qhubeka Charity to make some special solidarity jewellery with a bicycle motif that would help make life easier … Read more

Making Of · Frescor i color per a la col·lecció de joies Blossom de Roosik&Co de Girona

Sinuous, elegant, fresh lines. All the pieces of Roosik&Co’s jewelry design collections take us to a full color, sweet and savage garden. We are happy to share with you some of the images of #BeRoosik”  making of campaign. The images were taken in a fabulous green space in Girona city.

Anells de diamants i collaret amb forma d'heptàgon amb diamants · Joieria Girona_Barcelona

#BeRoosik A wish, a whisper, a touch. Bright, love… the essence. Rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, colored gemstones and diamonds, mixed in a way to express your better self. We introduce you to the new campaign of Roosik&Co’s jewelry design collections. #BeRoosik jewelry.  

Gemmes precioses, pedres, espineles de diferents colors, naturals i de gran lluminositat

Properties Spinel is an important gemstone in its own right and it is found in an array of colors that make it very desirable: deep reds,  pastel reds, yellows, browns, greens, blues, purples, mauves, violets… However, spinel is somewhat overshadowed by ruby and sapphire. What’s the difference between spinel and ruby? We found the difference … Read more

Tanzanita, pedra preciosa, gemma natural, molt preuada i bella

Properties Tanzanite is one of most valuous gemstones and, at the same time, a rare one. Is is only possible to find it in one location: in the Merelani hills, Northern Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. This blue-violet gemstone was discovered by a Masai tribesman, but it was not till 1967, when Manuel … Read more

Dos robins d'un vermell intens, gemmes precioses per excel·lència

Properties Ruby and Sapphire are chemically very similar: both are corundum, only color differentiates them due to chromium in ruby and titanium in sapphire. The best ruby comes from Burma (Myanmar) and the best colour is “Pigeon Blood”, but stones of this quality are rare and very expensive. Thailand, Tanzania and Madagascar also produce these … Read more

Maragdes, pedres precioses de verd intens i particular bellesa

Properties Emerald is a member of the Beryl family, such as Aquamarine (blue), Morganite (pink), Heliodor (yellow) and Goshenite (colourness). Only green Beryl containing chromium is classed as emerald, because it is this impurity that gives the gem this beautiful color. Look carefully to it and enjoy… The most beautiful emeralds are like a wonderful … Read more

Pedres precioses: turmalines de colors variats i lluminosos. Grogues, roses, verdes, vermelloses, per a combinar-les en or blanc, groc o rosa

Properties No gem has such a wide range of colors such as the tourmaline: pink, red, yellow, blue, violet, black, multicolored, or even colorless. Dutch people introduced tourmalines to Europe. They imported them in 1703 from Ceylon to the Republic of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka people called it touramalli, which means “mixed colors stone”. … Read more