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Amethyst Mum | Green

Mum, you are like a green amethyst for me.

Because you are natural, special and calm, like this precious gemstone.

Green amethyst is also know as “Prasiolite”, that means “precious green mineral”. It is the gemstone of vitality, equilibrium and sensitivity. The violet amethyst crystals may be naturally transformed into green amethyst by the heat within the earth.


International Mother’s Day

Bejewel your name or the name of your loved children with a pendant from Roosik&Co.’s Script collection! An initial that symbolises your essence because your name and those of your loved ones are unique!

Are you a citrine, quartz, topaz and amethyst mother? 

Citrine Mum

Quartz Mum (Rose or Fumée)

Amethyst Mum (Green or Purple)

Topaz Mum