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A legendary “I do”


Catalonia really knows how to celebrate Saint George’s Day. It’s a festival of books and roses, of culture and of love. It’s Catalonia’s very own “Valentine’s Day” and, since the 15th century, the custom has been to give a red rose to the person you love. As red as blood, a symbol of passion and also a symbol of the dragon’s blood, killed by Saint George to save the princess.


Around 1930 the custom of giving a book was added to this festival. The 23rd of April was also chosen as World Book Day because it coincides with the deaths of two great writers: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.


On Saint George’s Day, thousands of couples go out onto the streets and squares of Catalonia to stroll among the stands overflowing with roses and books. Each year they look for the prettiest rose or the latest book to surprise and delight their partner.



Red, yellow, white, multicoloured… Different and special roses come in a host of colours but there’s one that stands out from all the rest. One that will last forever: an engagement ring. Many people choose Saint George’s Day to ask their loved one to marry them, taking advantage of the day’s joyful and magical atmosphere.

A diamond becomes a whorl of rose petals and the gold or platinum ring turns into the strongest of stalks.

Here you have a collection of the most brilliant roses for Saint George’s Day (click here).



With this rose, you can write a legendary “I do” in your story of love.

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Happy Saint George’s Day.