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“It’s Autumn!” · 7 jewelry essentials

Have you ever visited Devesa Park in Girona? It has a magical charm, especially when summer is over and the plane trees drop their leaves.  

This type of leaf tends to have 3 or 5 lobes but I dream of finding one with 7 because it makes me think of our golden heptagon.

What are the 7 emotions that Autumn conveys to you?

Although summer is a time of joy, fun and an explosion of colour, I think autumn is a beautiful season. When it arrives, it gives me peace of mind

I feel like I’m meeting up with a close friend again, someone who’s balanced and serene but I haven’t seen for some time. Do you feel the same?

Meeting again

Recently, while I was sitting on one of the benches in the garden inside Devesa Park, a little girl with a pink bicycle stopped a few metres away from me. She looked at the sky for a few seconds, deep in thought, and then turned to her parents and said: It’s autumn!

Yes, it’s autumn. And I was delighted to have the welcome to the new season confirmed by this little girl as she looked up at the treetops.

Those trees are hundreds of years old and 60 metres high. They were planted a long time ago, very close together, so they’ve grown up rather than out. One day I’ll have a go at counting them but there are meant to be 2,500. Is it possible?

It amazes me to think they’ve been there for so long, watching us. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll even watch as we come and go from our jewellery store. 

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In fact, I’ve noticed that, a few metres from the Rambla, at the end of Santa Clara street, there are also some plane trees that add a touch of colour to the grey of the paving stones. And, you know what? I’d never realised they were there, so close.

Both the stone and the plane trees form part of the legacy of our city, Girona.

It’s autumn, yes, and I’m looking again at my own particular leaves with seven points

I wish you all a very happy reunion with the warmth and sweetness of these months.

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