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A valuable guide to giving yourself bright, good love

You've probably heard about self-love a thousand times. Because it's an abstract concept you may not know exactly what it means, or how to get it, or how to find the tools to get into it.
At Roosik & Co we have designed this beautiful guide to help you. It's one of our Valentine's gifts for you.
Yes, we know, we're not psychologists, we're jewelers! But we do understand a lot of emotions and people...
Every day we see in the Roosik & Co store why many women come to choose a piece of jewelry for themselves. We assure you that, in most cases, this jewelry makes them feel stronger, braver, more empowered. Does it happen to you?

Guide to glowing self-love

1. Self-knowledge

To love yourself and rediscover how valuable you are, it is important to exercise self-knowledge. Review what your values ​​are, what you are passionate about and what is the purpose that gives you life and makes you get up every day with excitement.
Over time you change and evolve, which is why it's important to take a moment to think and (re)evaluate if your values ​​are aligned with the person you are at this moment.
Write them down on a piece of paper, draw them, put a note on your mobile phone. Keep them well present in your day to day life. It will help you make better decisions and making better decisions will make you feel more confident and empowered.


2. Surround yourself with powerful people who bring you value

To face your days better, you need help. And of course! That's why it's important to surround yourself with people who support you and who, just by being with them, lift your mood, especially on the days that are more difficult.
Who is your circle of brilliant people? Do you stay there often?
And beyond your immediate circle, do you have references who you admire for some reason? Check them often enough to not lose motivation and energy, and whenever you can… Find new ones and share them!

3. Get moving

Walk, move. Sometimes it's lazy, especially in winter when it's really cold and all you want to do is hide under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee in your hands.
But walking is good for the body... and for the soul! When you are worried or feel low in morale and self-esteem, walk for 10 or 15 minutes. If after this time you still feel weak, keep walking until you feel lighter. You will see how almost magically, you distance yourself from your problems and you can manage them better. Well done!

4. Be kind to yourself

When you feel exhausted or demanding too much, do this visualization exercise. Imagine that the person standing in front of you exhausted is your best friend or your sister. what would you say to him What would you do to help her?
Now, back to you. Why don't you take care of yourself like you do with the people you love the most? Take care of yourself with the same delicacy and honesty.


5. Self-love reminders

The days are very busy and it's easy to forget to love yourself (yes, amazing!).
So help yourself with items or objects that make you feel better. Things you can touch and feel to remind you that you are valuable, kind and beautiful. Energetic, vital and powerful. Vulnerable and sensitive. Bright and enthusiastic. Yes, this is all you.
Why don't you go with a ring on your index finger? It is the finger associated with self-esteem, that is to say, a person's ability to value himself. We recommend the HeptaPuzzle ring in rose gold and ruby, for being a vibrant color full of energy and also associated with love.
It is also nice to wear a small pendant close to the heart, where else? Jordi has created a small heptagonal heart with a small diamond inside... It is your light, which from now on will not stop shining.
We hope that with this "valuable guide to giving yourself bright and good love" you can celebrate Valentine's Day like every day of the year: with love for others, but above all... with love for yourself.
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