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Touramalli Lovers · Benvinguts a la Comunitat

Hello Touramalli Lover, how are you?

We are happy to tell you that thanks to you we are expanding the Touramalli family!

You told us that you would like some stud earrings to go with your ring, you wanted them simple, with a beautiful tourmaline in each ear. Well, you have them here!

You'll see that, for our part, we couldn't stay away and added, in addition, the sparkling touch that we know you like so much: a small diamond on both sides that will give contrast to the tourmaline and bring you lots of light in the eyes. We hope you like these earrings as much as we do.


Pendientes de botón con piedras preciosas

As you well know, we sold out of all tourmalines from the first edition. So to work on these new earrings, Jordi Rosich, our jeweller, designer and gemmologist, has looked for a new natural tourmaline, just as beautiful and precious as the previous one. On this occasion, we obtained 66 new stones, in different tones and colors: deep pink, peach pink, light pink, turquoise blue, dark turquoise green or light turquoise green...

What will yours be?

You know that the best of all is that you can choose the tone of tourmaline that you like best. But wait, because of being a Touramalli Lover you have many privileges. Now we reveal them to you!


Choose your colors…

There are only 66 tourmalines and you have preference while choosing the shade of your favorite gems. One has a pinker shade, the other a touch of peach, another is more mint green and the other leans more towards blue...

Come to the Roosik & Co store to see them live and book or, to be you, pre-book your tourmalines - you will order your jewel later.

Book an appointment for the store here.
Book an appointment online and we'll show you all the colors with videos and photos here.

It does not end here, now we explain one of the privileges that will surely make you more excited.


Touramalli event at…

To be a complete Touramalli Lover, a beautiful experience awaits you with us.

You are invited to the Touramalli Event that will take place at the beginning of October at Roosik Studio, the new workshop of Roosik & Co. Get ready for a visit to the place where we dream and create the new pieces!

Piscolabis and fun guaranteed, for you and the rest of Touramalli Lovers. And, of course, you can come with whoever you want.

Soon we will give you more details of the Event. We are sure you will love it.

Write us a WhatsApp on 683 545 348 if you want to ask us something (we have changed our mobile number, save it :)

A big hug,
see you soon!

Roosik & Co

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