When sport is part of life, the best is to don't break the rhythm and integrate marriage into the activity that makes us happy.

He hurried out of the house. After weeks of drought, it had finally started to rain, and it didn't stop. He would have preferred a good sun to suit his mood. He had decided to give her the ring that afternoon, they had stayed to go to the game. It would be a fun afternoon, they would share the excitement of the game and celebrate the victory together, or they would regret the defeat by commenting on the most interesting plays. Marta loved sports, she used to run after work and she never missed her team’s game… how many nights they had enjoyed together in front of the TV! But they had finally decided to take the plunge and there was nothing better than sharing a day of basketball together on that key day. Surely the joint experience would prepare the ground. If the team lost, they would wait to give it to him during dinner; but if he won, it would be best to ask him to marry him right there in the stadium! She would like the ring, she was sure of it, because it was like her: comfortable, essential and noble. This time, luck played in her favor: the team won by a long shot, and Marta said yes to the Palau Blaugrana.
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