Charms and Chains: "Collecting Moments"

Welcome May, month of rebirth,
intimately tied to spring and also to mothers!
At Roosik & Co we love spring: inspiring, abundant, so unique and special! The burst of colors of the flowers remind us of the precious stones we have on our workshop table.
We look forward to celebrate with you the arrival of this season full of life. Introducing ... #CollectingMoments, Roosik & Co.'s new collection of customizable charms and chains.

Every stage, success or memory will shine close to your heart, it will be the jewel of your life ... literally;)


Collecting Moments  

"Collecting Moments" will allow you to carry close to your heart the most special people and moments in your life: the birth of a child, a challenge overcome, your number of good luck, a date to remember, your favorite gemstone...

They are fragments of you, moments and people that will always last in your gold chain. Do you dare to collect moments and set your life line in gold and precious stones? Here are some ideas of how to personalize your jewelry:


Fragment "The Gems"

As you well know, gemstones have fascinated everyone for centuries for their beauty, but also for their symbolic charge. They are attributed magical properties and are related to emotions or vital moments.

Which will be your special gem? What charm will best represent that moment or emotion that you always want to bring close? Let's find out!



For those passionate people, for that eternal love that still lasts.



For those moments of personal rebirth, evolution and change. A renovation. Your own spring.



For those difficult moments, present or future, that you have to face with courage. The strength of will. The courage.



For those moments of commitment, nobility and fidelity, either towards a love or a friendship. The memory. The bond. Love. For those relationships you don’t want to forget.



To remember those moments of extreme happiness. To celebrate the strength, light and beauty that is inside you, as in a diamond, it's valuable and eternal.


Fragment "The Diamond Star"

A diamond inside a star tip is, for Roosik & Co, the symbol of birth, the appearance of someone special in your life who will radiate light and happiness.
What else can arise from the union of a star and a diamond?


Fragment "The Heptagon"

Aside from gemstones, there are motifs and shapes that you will always want to wear with you because they will make you feel good. They are discreet and elegant accessories that say a lot about you and will give a special touch to your combinations.

Look, it has 7 sides, the magic number and good luck to many of us. It is a closed heptagon as if it was a circle: it speaks of a cycle that has been successfully completed. It is a well-deserved medal for a challenge overcome.

The heptagon shines brightly. Make it even more yours with a message. We will engrave what you want: your initial, a name, a date ... We can even trace your letter with diamonds!


Half Heptagon

It may seem like an incomplete heptagon to you, but here lies its magic. This Charm will represent the moment of perfection when you meet your soul mate. Offer it to your loved one so that when you are together it will looks complete.

Numbers & Letters

Gemstones, diamonds, star tips, heptagons... These are charms that are designed to accompany you with numbers and letters that are important to you.
A child's initial, your lucky number, a birthday ... the combinations are eternal, as your customizable "Collecting Moments" jewel.

Now it's your turn!

Charms para cadenas y colgantes personalizados

Enter to "Charms and Chains" and start to imagine how you will tell your story.
- - - - - - -
You can wear the Roosik & Co Charms with chains you already have, but you will have to take into account the size of the ring so that you can pass each piece through it.

If you don't have a chain to create your personalized "Collecting Moments", don't worry! In the "Charms & Chains" section you will see the different options for yellow gold chains and different widths.

If you prefer other types of gold or a design in bracelet format, write us and we will make it for you.
Happy Spring!
Take the opportunity to collect new moments with those you love the most.
Roosik & Co

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