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Congratulations, you've made up your mind! Choosing the engagement ring is a very beautiful moment. Sure you have many doubts, do not worry. We have prepared a selection of ideas that will help you in this process. Today, specifically, we will talk about white gold engagement rings, since they are usually the most popular in marriage proposals. Go for it!


White gold engagement rings

The reason for its color

White gold acquires its color as a result of an alloy between yellow gold and some white metal, such as silver or palladium, in variable percentages.

We preferably use palladium, since it works very well and gives a more white and beautiful finish to the piece. It also combines very elegantly with precious stones, especially diamonds. 

This is our own alloy for white gold. It does not contain nickel, is respectful with your skin and does not cause allergies:


Diamond engagement rings

White gold engagement rings typically incorporate one or more diamonds into their design, whether they are solitaire, hybrid, or diamond wedding rings.

Being the strongest and most beautiful gemstones that exist, they are loaded with symbolism: they represent eternal love. 

In fact, the word diamond comes from the Greek "Adámas" which precisely means "unbreakable". A stone that never breaks ... Like your commitment : -)


We explain the different types of white gold rings with diamonds that exist:

Engagement solitaires

Engagement rings that are made up of a gold ring and a single central diamond as the protagonist are called solitaires. They are a classic in jewelry and are considered the engagement rings par excellence. We share these proposals with you. You will love them, because Jordi Rosich has given a creative turn to lonely people of all life:



Minimalist, subtle and powerful at the same time. It is a jewel of great simplicity but of unmatched strength.

If you notice, the gold setting narrows as it approaches the diamond, giving it all the prominence and impact. Our diamonds are of extreme beauty and luminosity, they are worth highlighting on one of the most special days of your life.

If your partner is a lover of design, architecture, fashion and originality, with this jewel with a solitary diamond you will leave her speechless.




The Hug engagement ring is a piece of great symbolism. The ring surrounds the diamond in an eternal embrace, like two hands holding a brilliant project in common. Your partner will be delighted if he is a sweet, familiar and discreet person.

 It is also a very comfortable ring, since the diamond does not stand out excessively, that is why it is a very suitable jewel for those who already have a family, since it adapts well to the daily rhythm (and all terrain) with children in the house.




The Essence ring is perfect to ask for an engagement to discreet and elegant people. We assure you that her minimalist and pure lines will make her fall in love!

In addition, it will feel very good: it is a very comfortable jewel to wear every day, since the diamond is not elevated and we present it with sizes of 0.08ct, 0.10ct and 0.15ct.




The Whisper engagement ring is the perfect combination of subtlety and elegance with comfort. It reminds us of the Slim ring, but with a touch more discretion.

It is a jewel of sweet and sinuous shapes, which very often reminds us of a bright flower. And you?



Gemstone Engagement Rings

White gold combines very well with diamonds, highlights their beauty and luminosity. Now, have you tried combining it with an intense colored gemstone? The blue of the sapphire, the red of the ruby, the intense green of the emerald... 

Dare yourself!


Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Blue sapphire is one of the most desired gemstones to ask for engagement, for its great beauty and also because it is rare to find in nature.

In addition, its tone and its bright reflections remind us of a starry night full of romance.

How about making the most special proposal of your life with this half-carat blue sapphire and its impeccable diamond courtship?


Ruby engagement rings

A silky, velvety, intense ruby in the middle of a half ring of diamonds set in a setting that looks like the chalice of a flower.

This is a jewel that enjoys the magnificence of the classics, and to which Jordi has managed to give its modern touch with the rounded and sinuous shapes that make it so beautiful and exuberant.

We all would like to have at least one ruby in life. Imagine that this ruby is part of your jewel of engagement.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Natural emeralds are captivating! Even its interior gardens are of great beauty and we could spend hours looking at them.

Si tu i la teva parella sou amants de la natura, trobareu en aquesta joia el símbol de les bones estones que heu passat plegats en indrets naturals meravellosos.   


Hybrid Engagement Rings

Hybrid design rings are so named because they combine two classics: the solitaire and the half diamond wedding band. 

It is one of the most romantic types of engagement rings out there. So, if your partner dreams of marriage for years, if he gets tired of crying when his friends say "Yes, I do"... This is his jewel.

In addition, it is a piece of great impact and beauty, because the sequence of diamonds illuminates and highlights the extreme luminosity of the central diamond.

It couldn't be called otherwise, this is the Romanticism ring.



Engagement and marriage rings: alliances

We associate the diamond alliances with the rings that seal the love of the couple at the wedding. However, it is also very common to offer them as an engagement ring due to its spectacular nature.

De alianzas para el compromiso trabajamos diferentes estilos, según como se sostengan los diamantes en el anillo.

There are some that are more minimalist, very beautiful, and manage to create a spectacular shiny line around the finger. It is the case of this half alliance: Alliances Half Slim to 0,30K.



Others collect the diamond with a unique Roosik & Co staple system, with sinuous shapes, which make the piece sweeter. You can take a look, for example, at the Alliances Classik to 1.92K.



Vintage style engagement rings

There are those who dream of engagement rings with great presence and personality, which evoke the charm and elegance of bygone eras and stand out from modern and minimalist designer jewelry.

What do you think of these proposals for rings with Vintage airs?






Original engagement rings

What if you offer her an engagement ring that is not an engagement ring?

Keep in mind that any ring can become a piece of engagement, it is a very symbolic jewel. For her it will be "the ring", "her ring", regardless of whether it is a solitaire, an alliance or a jewel with a gold setting with never-before-seen shapes.

There are spectacular pieces that are worth contemplating for a marriage proposal, especially if your intention is to offer a unique jewel that stands out above traditional engagement rings. Imagine your partner seeing a jewel like this, handmade with all the care in the world:


Aquamarine Ring with a magnetic natural aquamarine. Look at the diamond filling!



Eternal Love Ring with green and pink garnet and an infinite line of diamonds.



Tanzania Ring with 7.32 carat natural tanzanite and diamonds, spectacular...




We hope we have helped you in the process on how to choose white gold engagement rings. Now you have more clues to know which could be yours, and you can find out more here:


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If you need personalized advice write to us at shop@roosik.com or ask for one appointment in store or online. We would love to be accomplices of one of the most important moments of your life as a couple.

See you soon!




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