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Congratulations! Choosing the engagement ring is a very beautiful stage. You probably have a lot of doubts, but don’t worry. We have prepared a selection of ideas that will help you in this process. Today, in particular, we will talk about yellow gold engagement rings, a classic that never goes out of style. Here we go!


Yellow gold engagement rings

The reason for its color

Yellow gold is the natural color of Roosik & Co.'s own alloy. We use a high percentage of 18 carat recycled pure gold in combination with silver and copper.

It is a bright color that combines very elegantly with precious stones, especially diamonds.

This is our yellow gold alloy, respectful of your skin, as it does not cause allergies:

Engagement rings with diamonds

Yellow gold engagement rings usually incorporate one or more diamonds into their design, whether they are solitaire style, hybrid or diamond wedding rings.

As they are the strongest and most beautiful gemstones that exist they are loaded with symbolism: they represent eternal love.

In fact, the word diamond comes from the Greek "adamas" which means precisely "unbreakable". A stone that never breaks ... Like your commitment :)

We tell you the different types of yellow gold rings with diamonds that exist: 

Engagement solitaires

Engagement rings made up of a gold ring and a single central diamond as the protagonist are called solitaires. They are a classic in jewelry and are considered the engagement rings par excellence. We share these proposals with you. You'll love it, because Jordi Rosich has given a creative turn to lifelong soloists:



The design of this engagement ring has been inspired by the irregular beauty of nature. The diamond also has an unusual shape called the Losenge cut, which creates a geometric reflection that contrasts with the imperfection of the curves of the band. It is of a hypnotic beauty.

Yellow gold is unusual in engagement solitaires, however at Roosik & Co we always offer the possibility to make our designs in the gold you prefer. This ring, which we link to you in rose gold, would be an example. Just add us a comment when shopping and you will have the ring in the color you like best :)




The Essence ring is perfect for engaging discreet and elegant people. We assure you that its minimalist and pure lines will make you fall in love with it!

In addition, she will feel it very good: it is a very comfortable jewel to wear every day, as the diamond is not high and we present it to you with sizes of 0.08ct, 0.10ct and 0.15ct.


Engagement rings with precious stones

Yellow gold combines very well with diamonds, highlighting their beauty and luminosity. But have you tried combining it with an intensely colored gemstone?

Try it! 


A ring of sinuous shapes in half alliance, a beautiful combination between the brilliance of the diamonds and the soft color of the precious stones (Peridot, Pink Sapphire and Aquamarine). The contrast between the irregular shapes and the straight cuts of the gems is evocative.

It is a combination full of romance. Do you dare to ask her for engagaement with this burst of colors? She will love it.



This is one of the main jewelery protagonists in the collection based on the exclusive cut of Roosik & Co, a cut that allows a better reflection of light to achieve even brighter results. The combination of pink and yellow gold makes this jewel a sure value that will please every type of woman.


This is a very special and exclusive piece from Roosik & Co, and the central gem is a diamond. Yellow diamonds are very rare in nature; in fact, they are one of the most exclusive gemstones. 

The diamond has been cut in a special way that enhances its unique color and also serves to detach from the classic nature of this type of jewelry, giving the ring a much more contemporary look. The yellow gold band harmonizes with the color of the diamond, making sure that it takes center stage. It will be magical.



Engagement and marriage rings: alliances

We associate diamond alliances with rings that seal the couple's love at the wedding. However, it is also very common to offer them as an engagement ring for their spectacularity.

We work alliances as engagement rings in different styles depending on how the diamonds hold. Some are more minimalist, very beautiful, and manage to create a spectacular shiny line around the finger. This is the case of this half-alliance: Half Gold Alliançe



But, if you prefer, there are also options with more presence: Slim Gold Alliance

Spectacular, right?



Vintage style engagement rings

There are those who dream of engagement rings with great presence and personality, which evoke the charm and elegance of bygone eras and which stand out from modern and minimalist designer jewelry.

What do you think of these proposals for rings with more Vintage airs? Jordi Rosich perfectly combines modern elements with the presence of classics. It will be the center of all eyes.




We hope we have been helpful for you to choose  yellow gold engagement rings. Now you have more clues to know which one could be yours…


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