The best colour in the world: precious stones and colours

  • by Jordi Rosich

People who work with colours - artists, architects, graphic designers and designers of jewellery like us, who combine precious stones - are very much aware of the effect colour can have on people.

Colours are associated with emotions and each one produces different effects in each of us. These sensations can even be totally contradictory depending on the person in question. For some, green is healthy, natural, relaxing, organic while for others it's venomous or immature. Blue can be the colour of sympathy, harmony and loyalty but it can also be cold and distant. Pink is delicate, sweet and charming... Or is it outrageous and brash? It depends. It all depends on the eyes that see or the heart that perceives the colour! Because colour and feeling are closely linked.

The colour of precious stones

Coloured gemstones inherit the psychological and emotional characteristics associated with their different hues.

Why is faithfulness blue?

Blue sapphire, topaz and aquamarine


Colours change with distance. When we see them close up, colours look brilliant and alive but, as they get further away, they "fade" and become bluer because of the layers of air in-between. That's why blue is related to the concept of remoteness or distance - and faithfulness is often tested by distance.

It's not surprising that blue, associated with being faithful, should be particularly important for weddings. Wedding tradition says that every bride should wear something blue on her special day.

When Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got married, Lady Di had blue in the ribbon around her waist, in her bouquet (the small blue flowers of speedwell) and in her engagement ring thanks to a spectacular blue sapphire.

Sapphires are one of the gemstones that symbolise faithfulness! There's even a saying that goes "a sapphire loses its gleam on the finger of the unfaithful".

The colour of maturity and sensual love

Gold, yellow sapphire and citrine

Yellow is very often associated with gold. In Germany, for instance, the words Gelb (yellow), Gold (gold) and Glanz (gleam) come from the same family. Normally, when something is beautiful or valuable, it's not described as yellow but golden, like sun's rays or the golden hair of sweethearts in love poems…

When flowers bloom they're often yellow. In fact, you may have noticed that most flowers that bloom in the spring, such as mimosa, are yellow.

Yellow tends to be associated with maturity as it's related to things that are golden: golden ears of wheat, golden fruits or the gold of autumn. If we have to choose between a green fruit and a yellow one, we'll choose the yellow one if we want to eat something sweet... Perhaps that's why this colour is also associated with mature love, sexuality and sensuality.

The colour of nature, spring and fertility

Peridot, tsavorite, emerald, tourmaline

If you think of emerald green, the green of the sea or the month of May, then green is definitely a colour you identify with.

Germination and sprouting tend to be associated with the colour green and the spring season. Consequently, everything that means to prosper, develop and flourish tends to be associated with this colour or season: business grows and so does the family.


It's said that, when an Englishman is in great shape, he's in the green; in fact, this colour is related to everything that means being healthy.

Try combining green with two other colours: gold or red. Gold symbolises wealth while red stands for love, and green is for health. You'll emanate utter happiness wherever you go if you choose these colours for your clothes or jewellery.

“Green enlivens the sight without tiring it" - Pliny.

The colour of tenderness, of charm, sweets and creativity

Pink sapphire, pink quartz and rose gold

Some call it "little red" but pink is not merely the colour we get when we mix together white and red - it has its very own personality! In fact, there are positive emotions and feelings that can only be expressed through this colour.

Rose is a colour but it's also a flower and a name in its own right: Rosa, Rosie, Rosanna... That's a nice thought, isn't it?

In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, there's a line that goes “I am the very pink of courtesy". That's because, for centuries, pink was the colour that expressed good manners and kindness.

It's also another colour associated with feelings, sensitivity and commitment... Perhaps that's why, at Roosik & Co, we increasingly find couples choosing wedding and engagement rings in rose gold.

Note that pink combined with white, grey or silver creates a remarkable refined effect.

The colour of luxury, wealth and happiness



Only 1% of women and 0% of men choose gold when they're asked what their favourite colour is, although it's the one most associated with beauty. Perhaps we don't think of gold as a colour per se and that could be why we feel it's so special and unique. Gold doesn't resemble any colour and, when we think of "gold", we immediately think of a noble metal; we think of our jewellery, rings, pendants and necklaces, don't we?

Gold is synonymous with purity, although you can't make jewellery with pure gold. It's a very soft noble metal and pure gold jewellery would scratch and bend. That's why gold alloys are made with other metals such as palladium, silver and copper.


At Roosik & Co we make our own gold alloy at the workshop. We use silver and copper to make the gold harder. Copper also adds colour to the piece (for example, in the case of the rose gold). Palladium, however, which is highly appreciated and valuable in jewellery, is used to give gold a very beautiful and distinct whiteness. That's why you tend to like Roosik & Co's white gold jewellery so much when you see it. It looks whiter with a special kind of grey-white and, combined with our triple-excellence diamonds - which reflect 99% of the light that enters them - the piece looks finer, more elegant and sophisticated.

Gold is also associated with loyalty and durability because it can withstand acid and bleach and never rusts. Wedding rings tend to be made of gold because they have to last a lifetime on your hand while still gleaming bright like the very first day. Gold is the symbol of eternity... and it's also the most recyclable of all recyclable materials! Gold is always recovered and never loses its value.

Friendship, loyalty, honesty, trust and permanence... Gold is associated with qualities that are achieved with effort over several years. Remember that the "wedding" that's celebrated after 50 years of marriage is the golden anniversary!

"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you" Coco Chanel

Colours, precious stones, emotions and feelings... Do you ever wonder which gemstone and colour you identify most with? Take a look here and be inspired, find out which are yours: JEWELLERY WITH PRECIOUS STONES

See you soon!

* Bibliography and details: The Psychology of Colour by Eva Heller.

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