Trending Alert - "Above the Keyboard" jewellery

  • by Jordi Rosich

Do you have an important video call with a potential client? Does your team have a quick question you can answer via Jitsy, Meet, Skype? Or have you simply arranged to catch up with your friends online because you can't wait for the weekend?

Make sure you look attractive even when you're only seen from the waist up. It's time to bring out your brightest or biggest jewellery; yes, even at home.

"Above the Keyboard" jewellery

Take a look in your jewellery box. What are your "Above the Keyboard" pieces of jewellery? In other words, the jewellery that can be easily seen on a video call, from screen to screen, and that makes you look and feel great. Such jewellery will be trending over the next few months.

And if you were already on the case and have been looking for a new piece to add to your collection, here are my recommendations for "Above the Keyboard" jewellery. Let me know what you think.

Some vital pieces for your jewellery box...

1 / Above the Keyboard Earrings

Earrings and pendants are the jewellery that's closest to your face and you should therefore pay particular attention to these for your virtual meetings.

I recommend our Metrik gold hoop earrings to impress your viewers because they're very original and eye-catching. The two hoops (actually heptagons) hang parallel to your face so you'll reflect a lot of light. And the hint of colour in the gemstones (green or pink, as you prefer) are very easy to combine and add a casual, fun touch. For me they're a "must" for your jewellery box.

I'd also love to see you wearing some Swing hoop earrings during your video calls as the heptagon hanging from the circle will move as you move, accompanying your gestures and explanations and catching the light in a way that will captivate your audience.

And don't forget our Magnetik earrings; they're so comfortable to wear. They look like triple hoop earrings but in fact there's only one... with diamonds! They definitely reflect a certain kind of personality: strong, determined, brilliant and sophisticated. I make them in white, rose and yellow gold: are you daring enough to wear them?

2 / Above the Keyboard pendants

Depending on the earrings you wear you can combine them with more or less colourful pendants. In my opinion, if your earrings already have a lot of presence or personality, it's better to choose a more discreet pendant. What do you think about this point of light?

This piece is perfect for almost every look. It's the Heptasik Diamond pendant and you can find it in all the colours of gold as well.

This is a piece of jewellery you'll never take off. It's discreet enough to accompany you while you work but also very special because it has an exceptional diamond.

It's a brilliant-cut diamond capable of reflecting 99.9% of the incoming light. It also has almost no impurities and is transparent in colour, so imagine... You'll realise that, although it may look small in size, it's a very powerful piece of jewellery.

But if you prefer another type of design, I can thoroughly recommend the One pendant because the smooth, polished heptagon will attract a lot of attention, like a vanishing point.

There's also the double heptagon version that occupies more space on the chest and is more symbolic as it represents a bond. You can see it better here, accompanied by the HeptaDrop earrings:

And there's another option I'd like to share with you, with five gemstones, which I think you'll love. Choose your favourite colour or gem - it's available in yellow (yellow sapphire), pink (pink sapphire), green (emerald), light blue (aquamarine), dark blue (blue sapphire), red (ruby) and white (diamond).

If it helps, the most popular colours are pink, light blue and white (pink sapphire, aquamarine and diamond), probably because they go well with all kinds of clothes.

 3 / Above the Keyboard rings

 When you put on your headphones, pick up your pen to take notes or simply touch your hair in your video calls... this is the time when your hand enters the frame and you'll hear a "wow!". Yes, choose an original and powerful ring like Magnetik. It looks like 5 rings but it's actually only one, making it a very comfortable piece to wear, even for work, and very impressive.

 You might have noticed that I've put diamonds on some of the heptagons to create a nice contrast of light and colour.

I think the person on the other side of the screen will ask you to put your headphones on again and again, just for the pleasure of seeing your hand move!

Would you prefer a smaller but equally original piece? Take a look at the Biggie ring; it's a very attractive piece in both yellow and rose gold.

And for a more colourful and fun look, try creating a nice combination with Emerald & Co. rings. There are 7 different colours which you can wear all together, in groups of two or three or separately, whenever you want.

4 / Above the Keyboard bracelets

When it comes to bracelets, you could go for a layered look; I'm sure you'll have heard of this concept more than once. The idea is to combine two or more pieces, side by side. In this case I suggest layering two or more bracelets: such as the Diamond bracelet in yellow gold with the String bracelet of the same colour, with or without diamonds, as they go very well together.

 The valuable power of jewellery

I always think gold jewellery has a wonderful power, namely to boost your self-esteem and make you feel so valuable, special and unique... Like the gold, diamonds or precious stones you're wearing.

So put on your jewellery and take on your new life at home, at work, in your new improvised office with the help of your most special pieces.

If you any need more ideas, just drop me a line (or make a video call!). Tell me your tastes and preferences and I'll help you set up the basic pieces of your "Above the Keyboard" jewellery box:

Some brilliant months await you.

See you soon!


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