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We’d like to help you offer your engagement ring in an original way


You’ve made the decision. You want to propose to the person you love and now all you need to do is decide how to give them the engagement ring in a way that’s so special way they’ll remember it for the rest of their life. At Roosik & Co we also want to help you at this stage of your relationship and give you a few ideas. We hear about original, creative and romantic marriage proposals every day but they still manage to surprise us.


But first, Enjoy


The first thing we want to do is reassure you. Enjoy the experience. No-one’s expecting you to suddenly become an expert event organiser. You already have the most important elements: you, your partner and the engagement ring.

She’s unique

Secondly, you should always keep your loved one in mind. This advice may seem obvious but there are countless ways to propose and it’s easy to get lost in the process. What’s your partner like? What kind of things do they like? What would make them very happy? Everyone’s unique so the moment chosen for a marriage proposal should also be unique.

The moment

Thirdly, you should decide whether you prefer the moment you offer them the ring to be private or public. Think back to the previous point: what’s your partner like? Are they shy? Will they feel uncomfortable receiving the ring and a proposal in front of other people? Or will they love being the centre of attention in the midst of friends and family? If they’re not easily embarrassed, you could offer them the ring during their favourite team’s match, during a trip to the open-air cinema or at a party celebrating their 30th, 40th or 50th birthday…

When you can’t find the right words...

Fourth, if you find it difficult to express what you feel, then music could be a great asset. Walking through the city, you might stop in front of some steps. You suggest sitting down a while to soak up the atmosphere. A middle-aged man with a guitar comes up and sits down on the same steps. He starts to play. It’s as if… As if he were playing just for the two of you. While your partner enjoys the magical moment, you take the little box out of your pocket, open it carefully and offer them the engagement ring. You can always decide whether to confess you’d prepared that beautiful musical incident in advance.


Holly Holly Days

And the fifth piece of advice is that holidays also tend to be a good time for a marriage proposal. Menorca, New York, Iceland… In this case, we recommend preparing the moment in advance. If you look on the internet or in a travel guide you’re bound to find the right place to ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you. How about a famous park or the reception of the most beautiful hotel in the world?

By the way, don’t worry about taking the ring with you and going through security: the alarms won’t go off and spoil the surprise. But we do recommend you put the box in your case and keep the ring safe in your pocket. That way you’ll always have it close by, in case there’s any problem with your luggage.


Real Love

All the anecdotes we’ve mentioned are real, resulting from the imagination and expertise of our clients. We hope they’ve inspired you. And we’d also love to hear your story. You can send it to us at ester@roosik.com


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