How to make a paper rose - #GarnetteStories

  • by Jordi Rosich

Here we'll show you how to create paper roses at home. They make the perfect gift and also a wonderful detail to give to someone special you haven't seen for some time.



1 / Paper or cardboard in your favourite colours

2 / Glue. Any kind of glue is fine for paper, even glue in a stick (such as Pritt). For cardboard it's best to use a silicone gun or gel-type glue (such as Scotch)

3 / Scissors

4 / Pencil, ruler or smooth stick to shape the petals

Before starting your rose...

Download this template; it's the petals you'll need to create your paper rose:  

Downloadable PDF template: petals to create your paper rose

But don't worry if you don't have a printer; it's easy to draw straight onto the paper: notice they look like four-leaf clover.

In this case, so you can get them as symmetrical as possible, fold the paper in half and draw half a petal right on the fold. Cut and unfold the paper. You'll see you've managed to get a whole petal without too much effort. Each petal must be 4mm bigger than the previous one.

The steps to make a paper rose

We're going to make the rose in the photo above. First of all, cut around the template and arrange the pieces by size, from the smallest to the largest, as we'll be working in that order. We'll use the smallest ones to make the bud and progressively use the rest of the pieces to gradually open out the flower.

Start by curving each petal. You can use a pencil, ruler or smooth stick.

Now you need to accentuate the curved shape. Roll up the edges of each petal using a crochet needle or something similar to curl them even more. This part can take a while but you could always ask your children, partner or parents for help out and turn it into a fun activity for the whole family.

As you know, the inside of some natural flowers is very compact: the petals are packed tightly together. We're going to imitate this effect with the paper. Take the end of a petal and roll it up tightly to create a small cone. Now wrap the "cone" in the remaining petals from the same piece and glue them together.

Place this "bud" inside the next piece and glue it. Try to alternate the orientation of the petals to create a more realistic flower effect. 

Repeat the operation until only the last piece is left to glue on: the one for the base. This petal must be large. You should also note that, whereas all the petals you've already attached are facing upwards, this one should face downwards; it's orientation must be the opposite to the rest. Glue it in place and ... that's it!


Not sure? Click on the following link to watch the video (in Spanish)


Congratulations! You've made your very first paper rose! Do you know who you're going to give it to?

Garnette Stories: Cristina Carrión

Cristina Carrión, Set Designer, specialises in dressing sets for animated films and also designs displays made from paper. We love working with her. In fact, we have a beautiful rose garden to decorate the displays at the Roosik & Co jewellery shop in Girona. We invite you to visit us and marvel at her wonderful paper creations. In the meantime, you can follow her at @cristinacarrion_sd


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