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  • by Jordi Rosich

Have you ever wondered who is your “reason why”? Why you do what you do? The person who inspires you to face every day with enthusiasm?

For me, this “reason why” is summed up in the “& Co” that forms part of our name.


Eva Olivares - Passionate Women 2018, lleva colgante con inicial con diamantes

Without You, without the “& Co”, we wouldn’t be who we are, nor would we produce the jewellery we create. And, you know what? It’s been 8 years since we embarked on this journey together. We’ve done quite well together, don’t you think?

Today I’d like to share some of the anecdotes involving people who, like you, have placed their trust in us over the years. I hope you enjoy these memories.


with Marion Crampe

Marion Crampe is a very special woman, almost magical. She’s a dancer with a great feeling for art and an extremely close connection to nature, life and other people. It was a huge pleasure to carry out this artistic exchange with her.

Have you already seen these beautiful images?


with Passionate Women 2018

Helena, Ale, Rosa, Marta, Mariàngels, Mariona, Irene, Anna, Eva, Carme, Consol, Txell… These were the first Passionate Women of Roosik & Co in 2018.

They represent all the passionate, inspiring women who give meaning to our everyday lives and those of the people close to them.

In case you haven’t read their stories, here they are, in downloadable book form. I’m sure they’ll inspire you:


with Nuria Val @frecklesnur

Passionate Women 2019

I’d been following Nuria Val, @frecklesnur, for years and could see many of Roosik & Co’s values reflected in her.

I liked her naturalness and simplicity, her close connection with nature, the freshness and spontaneity she exudes, her creativity and love of art and crafts

She inspired me at the same time as guiding the essence of Roosik & Co and the designs of the jewellery.

Nuria Val y Jordi Rosich de Roosik & Co co-crearon una joya juntos, unos pendientes de oro y topacios azules

So I was very happy when, in 2019, we collaborated together in creating a joint piece.

I was stimulated by the challenge of designing jewellery together with someone else, even more difficult considering we’d never met!

And this was the result: an original piece of jewellery full of nuance and sensitivity, like Nuria: Inverted Îles Earrings.


with Mia Costa

Passionate Women 2019

Nuria Val @frecklesnur enjoyed a privilege as one of the Passionate Women of 2019: she could choose which of our clients would also become a Passionate Woman that year.

The fortunate lady was Mia Costa and we designed and created a piece of jewellery together with her. Mia is a dynamic, fun-loving woman who identifies strongly with nature and with the shape of a “drop” of water.

This was the piece that resulted from our creative moments in common. What do you think of her beautiful design? It is full of diamonds and green spinels!


with Qhubeka

If you know me well, you’ll realise cycling is one of my great passions.

When Qhubeka asked me to create a piece of jewellery to raise money to buy bicycles for people without any means of transport, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Roosik & Co co-creó esta joya solidaria, una bicicleta de oro, con Qhubeka para recaudar fondos

Here’s some more information about the resulting bicycle-themed pendant with 7-sided wheels, all in gold… magical!


to you

At Roosik & Co we’re well-aware that, when we come together, it’s for very important moments in your life: the birth of a son or daughter, an engagement or marriage, a special gift, professional success…

We form part of your life and your history. And you also form part of ours!

Some of the #roosikcouples would like to share their great day with you.

I firmly believe that, without you and the other people we’ve met along the way, Roosik & Co would not be what it is today.

Who would inspire me and make my designs evolve? Who would encourage me to go on working and designing every day?

Thank you for being the mainstay of this venture.

Jordi Roosik


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