How to wrap dazzling Christmas presents

  • by Jordi Rosich

It's magical seeing the Christmas presents under the tree, especially when they're beautifully wrapped. What could be inside? Where does it come from? It all forms part of the joy of Christmas.

At Roosik & Co we thought you might like to know how to wrap presents. You'll be able to put our tips into practice this Christmas and surprise your "audience" right from the start!

Anna and Carolina, our colleagues at Roosik & Co, will help you.

It's important to devote some time to choosing the right wrapping paper, ribbons and flowers to wrap your Christmas gifts.

Anna and Carolina have chosen two-coloured Kraft paper, glossy fabric ribbons and natural freeze-dried flowers.

They've also picked some real branches painted with gold which we think are perfect for the season.



The first thing you should do is get all the different elements ready: paper, ribbons, flowers and white raffia cord. Also adhesive tape and scissors.

One of the things you should remember before you start is to cut the paper to the exact size required for the present you're wrapping.

To do this, place the box or gift on the paper and leave a margin three fingers wide on both sides (left and right). You'll find this makes your wrapping much easier and quicker. Would you like to know another secret?


    Use double-sided adhesive tape for a much more refined result. Try it!

    When you wrap the gift, try to get both ends of the paper in the centre. They'll be covered up by the ribbon later on.

    Continue folding the paper from the sides in:


    Remember to use double-sided adhesive tape.

    And press the gift or box against the paper to get rid of any air.

    First part completed successfully!

    Now it's time for the bows and flowers.

    Take the glossy ribbon and place it on the package.

    In this case you'll need a long piece of ribbon as you'll be making a double loop:

    Cut the ribbon to the right size and trim the ends into a diagonal shape.

    Place the ribbon around the package, making sure it covers the line where the ends of the paper meet.

    Fasten both ends with a thin piece of white raffia.

    Now you're ready for the double loop. Look at the image:

    And fasten the folded ribbon again with a strong knot.

    It's time to choose the decoration that will make your gift stand out even more!

    As a tip, we believe that a very elegant effect can only be achieved with flowers of a single colour or similar colours.

    Make another knot in the white raffia but, this time, don't tighten it completely.

    Put the branches and flowers you've chosen in the opening you've left.

    Once you've placed them in the opening, tighten the cord and complete the knot. You can tie a double knot to ensure they're held firmly in place.

    We recommend, however, not to tie the knot too tightly as the dried flowers are natural and could break (as we know to our cost!)


    You can choose to leave the raffia cord long or cut it back near the knot. You can also cut off the ends of the flowers if you think they're too long or look untidy.

    Now stand back and admire your work of art! Beautiful, isn't it! You can repeat the process with other gifts or try new combinations of paper, ribbons and flowers.

    We promise your Christmas presents will be a success even before they're opened.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at and we'll help you.

    You can also show us how beautiful your presents have turned out this year. We hope you liked the blog. See you soon!


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