7 steps to take into account when buying jewellery online

  • by Jordi Rosich

Hello, you've just entered our online jewellery store. Welcome!


Is this the first time you've paid us a visit? We invite you to take a look around our online store, just as we'd invite you to browse through the displays at our jewellery shop in Girona.


We'd like to introduce ourselves. We're Jordi, Anna, Carolina and Ester. Jordi's a jeweller, designer, gemmologist and diamond specialist. And the rest of the team are also experts in jewellery. Anna, moreover, has been in the business for almost 30 years... A lifetime!

As you can see, we're the same people who advise you at our jewellery shop in Girona and who can now also help you at our online jeweller's.

How to buy jewellery online

If you already have a very good idea about what you need and you'd like to take a look around by yourself, you can access all our jewellery via the top menus. You'll see they're ordered by type (rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings) and by collection (Heptasik, Blossom, Eternal, Engagement...). Easy and no need for further explanation.

If, on the other hand, you need some assistance, please ask us as we'd love to help.

Are you looking for a special gift? Or thinking of proposing to your loved one this Christmas? Or are you already writing your letter to Santa Claus? 

You're probably not sure which piece of jewellery would be the right one. What's more, we realise that it's one thing to buy books online and quite another to buy designer jewellery. So we're here for you.

What's online jewellery advice like?

Nowadays there's a whole host of tools to make communication easier and we'll be using them. We'll be close by even though we're physically in Girona and you're... anywhere in the world!

Step 1. Enter roosik.com


You already have; you've entered our website roosik.com and taken a look at the jewellery. You probably already have some favourites. Make a note of them because we'll talk about them in a moment.

Step 2. Contact us


You can open the chat at the bottom right of the page. One of us is almost always online during business hours although it may just be that we're attending to a customer at our store in Girona and can't answer you immediately. In that case, leave us a message and an email address or telephone number and we'll get back to you straight away. 

You can also send us a message or audio via WhatsApp or write us an email.

Nevertheless, if you're willing, the best option is to book a virtual appointment with us. That way you get one hour of private, personalised advice just for you, in your own home. Yes, in your cosy slippers without having to go anywhere in these times of COVID and not having to spend ages looking for a parking space in the city centre (our shop is right in the heart of Girona's old town, on the Rambla de la Llibertat). 

Step 3. We help you find the right piece of jewellery


We want you to get it right. We want your favourite person to be utterly speechless when they open your present; we want them to wear the piece of jewellery you gave them every day or we want you to tell us that you never take off that pendant because it makes you feel so good.

A piece of jewellery is a very special gift: each must find its own person and each person must find their own piece of jewellery.

So, you normally tell us who the piece is for, what the person who'll wear it looks like, how they tend to dress, the colour of their eyes, skin and hair, if they have simple or more exuberant tastes, if they're calm and meticulous or a fabulous all-terrain individual. Have they ever worn similar jewellery? Do they already own some pieces from our collections?

We gradually uncover all the details and send you photos and videos of ourselves wearing different pieces so you can see what they look like in situ. And, together, we find it. Yes, we already have the most appropriate piece of jewellery for her or... for you.

4. Oh, and the size...


Don't worry about it! In the case of engagement and other rings, it's most likely you don't know the size of your partner's fingers

We can readjust your piece of jewellery as many times as necessary until it feels absolutely perfect. It's like a "tailor-made dress" and we can carry out alterations at our workshop without any problem.

In any case, based on our experience we'll recommend the size we believe is the closest to what you need. 

But you can also find out on your own with our downloadable Size Guide. If you get hold of one of the person's rings (without being caught red-handed), you can place it on the printout and find out its size. 


Another option is to have a ring gauge sent to your home so you can find out the correct size.

5. Secure payment


Buying your Roosik & Co jewellery online is secure and easy. Choose the option you're most comfortable with: bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. 

6. Free shipping


You'll receive the piece of jewellery at your door in a beautiful box, inside a pink cloth bag which you can use afterwards to carry your jewellery around. Moreover, all our packaging is sustainable.

7. Easy returns and exchanges


It's incredibly easy to return or exchange your piece of jewellery. If you decide you don't want the piece, let us know within 15 days of buying it and we'll pick it up from your home. 

We only ask that you wrap it up in the original packaging or in such a way that it's protected to ensure it reaches us in perfect condition. We'll give you your money back as soon as we have the piece of jewellery back in our workshop.

Roosik Bonus

Yes, there's a bonus. A bonus for life. Because your jewellery has a lifetime guarantee. Maintenance for the pieces is carried out every two years.

Thank you for putting your faith in us for your online jewellery purchase

And remember, should you need anything at all, we're right here ;)

You can tell us about your experience in Google Reviews and we also suggest you look at the reviews given by other clients. Remember, these tools and technology work in your favour.

Our warmest regards from the whole team - and happy online jewellery shopping!

Start by arranging your online advice session here:


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