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  • by Ester Montjer

“Enikma Games”: How to play?

This Christmas we will test your ingenuity in the Enikmes Game. If you solve them… you will receive Gold Charms in return and the chance to win the Fragment Joy Pendant!

How it works? 



  • Every week we will share an Enikma on the Fragment Club blog and also on the Instagram of @roosikandco
  • The solution to Enikma is the word that will serve as your "CODE / COUPON" to get your gift on the web: the Golden Charm Fragment


  • Enter the store and locate the Charm Fragment that corresponds to each Enikma
  • Perform the online purchase procedure for that Charm: enter your details and when prompted for the COUPON enter the word / words you have obtained from solving the Enikma
  •  Congratulations! You will receive that Golden Charm as a gift. We will contact you to pick it up at the Roosik & Co store or send it to you.


  • With each Enikma you can get a Gold or Gemstone Charm so you can wear them this Christmas with a chain you already have or give them to whoever you want! So your special person will have a "fragment of you" very close to the heart;)


  • Jordi Rosich has designed them in a special edition for this Christmas and there are 4 different models: a gold heptagon, a colored gemstone, a gold star tip with a diamond and a fragment of a heptagon


  • And, if you get one ... Enter the draw for the Fragment Joy Pendant in Special and Limited Edition directly! It will be held on 22/12/20 so you can wear it for Christmas. The name of the winner will be made public via Roosik & Co’s Instagram and Fragment Club blog. 


    • You can participate in all the Enikmes and get the 4 "Charms Fragment" corresponding
    • You can only get each "Charm Fragment" once (once per person and family). In this way, we can distribute "fragments" to as many houses as possible
    • Your data becomes part of the Roosik & Co. database. We will use them to draw the Fragment Joy pendant on 22/12/20 and you will also receive a monthly newsletter. If you want to unsubscribe from this email, no problem, you can do so from the button at the bottom of the email. We will not share your data with third parties.
    • Roosik & Co reserves the right to cancel or modify any point of the Enikmes Game

    Let's Go ;) We will post the 1st Enikma on Tuesday 24/11/20 on Instagram and our Blog. 


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