The jewellery of Nuria Val Frecklesnur and Jordi Rosich · (I)

  • by Jordi Rosich

A few months ago, Nuria Val @frecklesnur and Jordi Rosich embarked on a creative and artistic challenge: the two artists would design a piece of jewellery at the traditional workshop of Roosik & Co.


The aim was to combine their universes and work together on designing a very remarkable piece of jewellery. And we assure you the outcome couldn’t be any more original or beautiful.



Nuria loves geology so she was immediately smitten by everything Jordi showed and explained to her in the workshop. How does a traditional jewellery workshop operate in the 21st century? Where do the precious stones come from? When is a diamond perfect? How is gold created?


Little by little, Nuria found out all about the world of gems and jewellery and acquired a solid base to be able to begin designing a unique piece together with Jordi…


Welcome to Inverted Îles, the piece of jewellery by Nuria Val and Jordi Rosich


Selecting the most precious stones.

Nuria and Jordi placed precious stones of all colours and sizes on the table. Nuria loves colour per se; she doesn’t have a favourite one so she looked carefully at the natural precious stones to decide which could take pride of place in the piece of jewellery.

They found the answer in the Sea…

Nuria loves the sea; in fact, she’s renowned for her work and trips to islands such as La Gomera. So blue seemed to be a colour she could definitely identify with. A variety of blue gems could be used in the piece, such as aquamarine, sapphire, topaz

The luminosity of each gemstone also depends on the cut as this affects how the rays of light are reflected when they penetrate the stone. The customary cuts are brilliant, round, oval, princess, emerald…

Nuria tried on some earrings that Jordi had created in rose quartz with diamonds. Two of the gemstones in these earrings had a pear cut. She loved their natural shape, like a brilliant drop of water… Yes, the piece of jewellery would have precious stones with that cut.


Choosing the colour of the gold.

What colour of gold would go well with the blue gemstones? Nuria preferred a warm colour, so the choice was between rose or yellow gold.

Jordi and Nuria felt that the contrast between the yellow gold and the blue of the stones created the perfect combination. The gold and blue produced a lively effect that was full of life; precisely what they wanted to convey to the women wearing this special piece of jewellery.


Shaping the jewellery.

Like Jordi, Nuria’s favourite pieces of jewellery are rings and earrings. So they agreed, right from the start, that they should create one of these two pieces together. We love rings but…

What about some earrings? Long earrings, with personality, that light up the face and eyes of whoever wears them. Go on, then!

Roosik & Co is renowned for making jewellery with pure, minimalist, geometric lines as they are both sensitive and powerful at the same time. And Nuria added her own touch; a wild, fun-filled creativity that’s passionate about design.

Would you like to see the outcome of this creative project between Nuria and Jordi?

Dump yourself into… Inverted Îles · The piece of jewellery of Nuria Val & Jordi Rosich

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